THIS ‘My Dearest’ Actress Experienced Wardrobe Malfunction at the Blue Dragon Film Awards — But She Handled It With Grace

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This “My Dearest” actress exhibited her glamorous style at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards. She, however, experienced a minor mishap at the event.

Here’s how she handled it.

Ahn Eun Jin, Namgoong Min | My Dearest

(Photo : Wikimedia)
Ahn Eun Jin, Namgoong Min | My Dearest

Ahn Eun Jin Shimmers in Glittered White Gown at Blue Dragon Film Awards

The 2023 Blue Dragon Film Awards was held on November 24 to celebrate its 44th year. Like the annual flow fo events, the award show was filled with brilliant stars to honor their work.

As expected, the celebrities were dressed in their beautiful ensembles and served stunning visuals on the red carpet.

Ahn Eun Jin

(Photo : Sports Chosun )

She was nominated for Best New Actress for her debut film “The Night Owl,” and was competing for the title against Go Min Si, BIBI, Kim Si Eun, and Ahn Ji Hye.

In 2022, Ahn Eun Jin made her silver-screen debut in “The Night Owl” and earned multiple Best New Actress nominations at several prestigious events.

Before the event, the “Hospital Playlist” star was among the many who walked the red carpet. She looked elegant in a form-fitting white dress that glittered as she made her way to the center of the photo area.

Ahn Eun Jin’s Nude Bra Exposed During Her Red Carpet Walk

However, “My Dearest” actress Ahn Eun Jin’s red carpet look drew attention due to an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. 

As she walked the red carpet, her strapless dress slipped down, revealing a skin-colored silicon pad. When she reached the photo area, her pad was exposed.

Ahn Eun Jin

(Photo : TV Daily)

Ahn Eun Jin

(Photo : Newsen)

Thankfully, the actress was made aware of the wardrobe malfunction when red-carpet hosts Lee Seung Guk and Hong Joo Yeon joined her for a short interview, covering her chest as she attempted to pull her dress up.

Gladly, Ahn Eun Jin was able to fix it with Hong Joo Yeon’s help in using her cue cards to cover the actress throughout the short interview.

It was a minor issue and the “My Dearest” star looked gorgeous regardless!

Did You Know? Ahn Eun Jin’s Dress Costs THIS Much!

It has been said that Ahn Eun Jin’s dress worn during the prestigious event is made by the elite brand Lee Grebenau, which costs up to 100 million won (76, 500 USD).

The dress was designed entirely with beads and naturally features a drape decoration to highlight the bust part.

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