THIS ‘Nation’s Fairy’ Reveals She Got Calls from Top Idols — But for A Different Reason

With her top-tier beauty and skills, THIS K-pop icon revealed that she received numerous confessions from K-pop idols. She also received calls from top Korean stars, but she drew laughter after revealing their REAL intention.

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Bada Reveals K-pop Idols Who Confessed Feelings to Her In the Past

On April 24, the latest episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” was released, inviting S.E.S Bada, Lee Dahae, Kwon Hyuk Soo, and Jo Kwon for its “Dream Control” special.

On this day, Bada stood out for her story regarding her nickname, “male controller,” for sniping at the hearts of numerous male celebrities in the past.

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Here, the main vocalist of “Nation’s Fairy” girl group S.E.S revealed that she used to joke that Fly to the Sky Brian Joo has “something to say to her.”

Bada then shared an anecdote when the male idol said “I like you” to her while they were on a staircase. At the time, she also replied, “Me too,” misunderstanding that he meant “like” as a friend.

However, during a recent YouTube show they did together, Brian confessed that he really liked Bada back then.

THIS 'Nation's Fairy' Reveals She Got Calls from Top K-Stars — But for Different Reason
(Photo : Bada, Kim Jaejoong (News1))

In addition to this, the K-pop icon also recalled when she made H.O.T Tony Ahn’s heart skipped a beat when she cooked him some kimchi stew when he visited S.E.S’ dormitory with his manager. At the time, she did it with respect to her senior.

Lastly, Bada also brought back former TVXQ and JYJ Jaejoong’s confession before that he was his ideal type.

She made everyone burst into laughter for saying:

“Thank you so much to all the people out there who liked me.”

S.E.S Bada Says Korean Top Stars Used to Call Her — But for Different Reasons

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In the same broadcast, Bada revealed that she was not only a “male controller,” but also a messenger.

In the past, a lot of Korean top stars used to call her, but it was actually to connect with the first-gen and OG visual, Eugene!

“During our S.E.S activities, I was the only one who had a cell phone. I thought the purpose of this cell phone was to communicate with the company, but I don’t know how some of Korea’s top male celebrities would call me on my cell phone.”

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She continued:

“But everyone in common said after getting to know me for about a month, ‘Did Eugene come in?’ and ‘What is Eugene doing?’ That was the strategy, but I think there were some people who ended up not talking to Eugene. I’m afraid I’ll become bitter.”