THIS ‘Physical: 100’ Season 1 Cast Reveals Unexpected Reason for Removing His Tattoos

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“Physical: 100” season 1 cast and YouTuber Kim Kang Min expressed his regret for having massive body tattoos.

On his YouTube channel, the fitness celebrity and bodybuilder shared his tattoo removal journey and revealed what prompted him to get rid of it.

Kim Kang Min Shares His Tattoo Removal Journey

Physical: 100
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

Kim Kang Min shared a glimpse of his life, which includes attending his daughter’s school activities and his tattoo removal session.

According to him, he went through two rounds of removal, which he described as “very painful.”

Kim Kang Min Physical: 100
(Photo : Kim Kang Min YouTube)
Kim Kang Min Physical: 100
(Photo : Kim Kang Min Physical: 100)

In a short interview, he was asked why he decided to have it removed.

“There are about five things I regret doing in my life, and one of them is getting tattoos.”

As for the reason behind his bold move, Kim Kang Min said that it was for his daughter.

Although it’s not illegal in South Korea, having tattoos is still controversial and considered taboo in society.

Due to its negative perception, people who have tattoos will get stares from people who feel uncomfortable or dislike tattoos.

On the other hand, the comment section of Kim Kang Min’s YouTube was filled with support.

“Parents of their friends are more likely to see their tattoos and tell them not to mingle with their child, and they seem to have made the right decision for their child.

“It was the coolest and most meaningful video I’ve ever seen, Kim Kangmin. The subscribers also have a warm heart.”

Other than Kim Kang Min’s muscular build, you’ll definitely notice his massive chest and arm tattoos.

He decides not to cover it, even during his bodybuilding competition.

Who is Kim Kang Min of “Physical: 100” Season 1?

Other than his YouTube channel with almost 500k subscribers, Kim Kang Min became popular after joining the Netflix reality series “Physical: 100.”

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For the first season, he joined sports legend Choo Sung Hoon, Olympic champion Yun Sung Bin, and more in hopes of winning the whooping cash prize of 300 million KRW or 240,000 USD.

He competed in season 1 along with his wife, Song Ah Reum, who is also a bodybuilder.

Kim Kang Min introduced him and his wife as “a married bodybuilding couple,” adding that they have been married for six years.

Other than being a vlogger, bodybuilder, and reality star, Kim Kang Min also runs a company.

He is the owner of Maxist, an exercise supplement. On top of that, he also offers one-on-one training sessions at Muscle Pro Gym.

From supplement brands to training sessions, Kim Kang Min also ventured into the clothing brand Be First or Best.