THIS Popular OST Singer Reveals Getting Hate for Hanging Out With Jo In Sung

A well-known Korean singer shared her experience of receiving hate after revealing that she often hangs out with Jo In Sung.

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Jo In Sung
(Photo : IOK Company) Jo In Sung

K-Drama OST Singer LYn Receives Backlash After Revealing Being Friends With Jo In Sung

In MBC’s popular talk show “Radio Star” episode aired on March 6, singer LYn made her guest appearance.

During the interview, she shared that she received hate comments after revealing she often hung out with “Moving” actor Jo In Sung.

(Photo : MBC)

She recalled her appearance in the show ten years ago, where she became the talk of the town for saying unnecessary things. When she was asked what those things that she mentioned before, LYn shared that it was her plastic surgery journey and a story of her off-screen bonding with Jo In Sung.

“I shared before that I occasionally went out for drinks with Jo In Sung. After the broadcast, I received many hate comments. Some said, ‘Why are you pretending like you’re close with Jo In Sung?'”

Jo In Sung
(Photo : Disney+) Jo In Sung

The singer continued:

“It felt as if everyone was saying things like that to me.”

She blamed herself for saying many foolish things that were totally unnecessary. But the host of the show assured her that she did nothing wrong.

“You drank with him because you were close. There’s no need to blame yourself and feel that way.”

LYn is known for singing the official soundtracks like My Destiny for “My Love From the Star,” With You for “Descendants of the Sun,” Love You for “Are You Human?”, Bad Liar for “Marry My Husband,” and more!

Where is Jo In Sung Now?

In 2023, Jo In Sung made his long-awaited comeback as he headlined the record-breaking series “Moving,” alongside Han Hyo Joo, Ryu Seung Ryong, Cha Tae Hyun, Go Youn Jung, Lee Jung Ha, and Kim Do Hoon.

He also joined forces with veteran actress Kim Hye Soo in the movie “Smugglers.”

Jo In Sung, Kim Hye Soo
(Photo : Next Entertainment World) Jo In Sung / Kim Hye Soo
Jo In Sung Smugglers
(Photo : Next Entertainment World) Jo In Sung

As of this writing, Jo In Sung is expected to make his big screen return with the film “Hope,” a mystery-thriller where a mysterious existence is witnessed by villagers on the outskirts of Hope Port. They search for the mysterious existence and face a crisis where their village is on the verge of destruction.

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