THIS Popular Singer Sparks Outrage with Unexpected Livestream Scene — ‘ I’m so turned…’

In a recent turn of events, popular singer MEENOI finds herself under the scrutinizing gaze of the public once again. This time, it’s not for her melodic talents but for her controversial habits unveiled during a livestream.

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Livestream Revelation Sparks Outrage

The storm began brewing on February 6 when a damning post titled “Look At The Cigarette Butts Behind MEENOI” went viral across social media platforms.

Pan.nate talk
(Photo : pann.nate)
Pan.nate talk

The post featured a screenshot extracted from one of MEENOI’s recent livestream sessions, revealing the singer in a compromising position.

Unveiling a Troubling Scene

In the captured moment, MEENOI is depicted holding a pack of cigarettes in one hand while an ashtray brimming with cigarette butts sits nearby.

(Photo : instagram)

This revelation was met with swift and vehement backlash from netizens, who wasted no time in expressing their disappointment and concern.

Public Outcry and Concerns Raised

The online community erupted with a chorus of disapproval, highlighting their dismay at the singer’s decision to smoke indoors.

(Photo : instagram)

Many voiced their concerns regarding the potential harm posed not only to MEENOI herself but also to her beloved pets, particularly her cats.

Netizens’ Reaction

A sampling of the reactions reflects the severity of the public’s discontent:

“Please smoke outside… Do you think people smoke outside in the cold because they are stupid?”
“What about the cats? Cigarette smoke is very harmful to cats… Did she send her cats away??”
“Honestly, I’m so turned off. She shouldn’t raise cats.”
“That’s her home and not her workspace? Then I’m so turned off.”
“I mean, if she isn’t brain-dead, shouldn’t she smoke outside?”
“She’s smoking indoors? Is she never going to move? I feel bad for her landowner.”
“I never thought MEENOI was a smoker.”

“Is it difficult to smoke a lot? In any case, the momentary relief that nicotine brings? Isn’t it because it’s addictive?”

MEENOI’s misstep has once again thrust her into the harsh glare of public scrutiny, casting shadows over her otherwise illustrious career.

As the fallout from this revelation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the singer will navigate this latest controversy and its implications for her future endeavors.