THIS ‘Queen of Tears’ Star Revealed To Be Victim of Kidnapping: ‘I Thought My Life Was Over’

In her latest interview, THIS “Queen of Tears” actress made a shocking revelation about the kidnapping incident she experienced in the past.

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Na Young Hee Makes Guest Appearance on ‘Baek Ji Yeon Now’ YouTube Channel

Following the “Queen of Tears” finale,” the cast members are already booked with new works and activities like fan meetings, new endorsements, dramas, and films.

Na Young Hee, Kim Ji Won
(Photo : Na Young Hee Instagram)

Meanwhile, others are appearing in various entertainment shows like Na Young Hee, Kim Ji Won’s onscreen mother in QoT.

Na Young Hee starred as Kim Seon Hwa, the mom of Hong Hae In and the mother-in-law of Baek Hyun Woo (Kim Soo Hyun).

On May 14, she made a guest appearance on the YouTube talk show “Baek Ji Yeon Now.” There, the “My Love From the Star” actress shared some never-before-told stories on set of “Queen of Tears,” including her relationship with the cast members.

Na Young Hee Reveals Kidnapping Incident That Still Traumatizes Her

Aside from those, Na Young Hee shocked everyone with her revelation. For the first time, the actress opened up about the kidnapping incident that happened to her 20 years ago.

Na Young Hee
(Photo : Na Young Hee Instagram)

Na Young Hee said that she was on her way to play golf at her apartment when someone opened the back door of the car and she thought it was someone she knew. When she checked who it was, it was a boy intruder.

“When I looked back, a boy entered. He came in from the side pointing a knife at me. I thought my life was over. At that time, I was in Cheongdam-dong.”

She recalled that there were a lot of incidents like that but when it actually happened to her, she couldn’t think of anything.

“I calmed down but then two more people came and asked for my card, and I gave it to them. It turned out that they were young individuals.”

She bravely asked them why they were doing it and said that it was for their entertainment expenses.

After saying a few words to them, Na Young Hee said that she stayed silent and later on after dealing with certain conditions, she would be released as long as she did not report them to the police.

Na Young Hee was released after being dragged around for about eight hours and confessed she was traumatized by what had happened.

She remarked, “After that, I couldn’t take the elevator alone or take a taxi. I think it was like that for about 10 years. A little bit of it still remains.”

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