THIS ‘Queen of Tears’ Villain is Receiving Love for Her Beauty in Real Life: ‘So Pretty!’

Despite her villain role in the hit drama “Queen of Tears,” this actress is gaining recognition for her stunning visuals in real life.

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Can you guess who this drama antagonist is?

Queen of Tears
(Photo : tvN | Kim Joo Ryung Instagram)

Kim Joo Ryung Annoys Viewers With Her Character Grace Go in ‘Queen of Tears’

Apart from the main protagonists, a K-drama will never be that interesting without its antagonists.

In tvN’s “Queen of Tears,” viewers are irked at its villains, Park Sung Hoon and Lee Mi Sook.

Aside from them, this actress who also plays as an antagonist is making an impression on the viewers. She is none other than Kim Joo Ryung.

Kim Joo Ryung
(Photo : Kim Joo Ryung Instagram)

After her immersive performances in the series “Squid Game,” “SKY Castle,” and “Twinkling Watermelon,” she once again proved her angst in “Queen of Tears” as she gives life to Grace Go’s character, the Queens family’s most trusted employee.

Kim Joo Ryung
(Photo : Just Entertainment)

However, Queens lost their properties, revealing that Grace Go had been working with Sul Hee behind the scenes, with the aim of acquiring some share of the Queens’ wealth.

Unfortunately, she failed and is now trying to survive by teaming up with Baek Hyun Woo to get their revenge against Yoon Eun Sung and Sul Hee.

‘Queen of Tears’ Villain Kim Joo Ryung Receives Love 

Kim Joo Ryung may have been playing villain roles in most of her works and find her annoying to the viewers, but it just justifies how great she is in portraying her characters. She may be hated for her roles on screen, but she is receiving love from the crowd off the screen.

Kim Joo Ryung
(Photo : Kim Joo Ryung Instagram)

She is impressing her fans with her real-life beauty. In her latest Instagram updates, Kim Joo Ryung showcased her sophisticated and elegant style with some of the fashion ensembles she wears.

Kim Joo Ryung collaborated with a fashion magazine and she dazzled the pictorial while clad in a tube dress partnered with furry shole. She also looks mesmerizing in her long red dress, showcasing her good figure.

Kim Joo Ryung
(Photo : Kim Joo Ryung Instagram)

Fans can’t help but showered her with compliments from her visuals to her acting.

  • “She’s so pretty!”
  • “Hi Grace, your acting is amazing.”
  • “A goddess.”
  • “You look so amazing.”
  • “Ahjumma, no more.”
  • “Ma’am your beauty is crazy.”
  • “Oh wow, you look stunning.”
  • “How beautiful she is. A true Queen!”

Furthermore, catch Kim Joo Ryung in “Queen of Tears” every Saturday and Sunday on tvN and Netflix.

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