THIS ‘Single’s Inferno’ 3 Cast Pens Apology After Receiving Backlash for Her Attitude

“Single’s Inferno” Season 3 star Kim Gyu Ri penned a heartfelt message after receiving mixed reactions from for her attitude on the show.

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The 28-year-old beauty was the first participant who was introduced on the show. During the interview, she revealed that the reason she joined the reality dating show was to find someone who could make her heart flutter and the reason behind her smile.

As for her personality, she admitted that she keeps her guard up around new people.

During her stay on the island, viewers got to see her bright personality; however, in the latter part of the show, Kim Gyu Ri received backlash, especially during her incident with Yoo Si Eun.

What Happened Between ‘Single’s Inferno 3’ Contestants Kim Gyu Ri & Yoo Si Eun?

As Netflix released the last two episodes of the show, it featured Yoo Si Eun having doubts about whether she should talk to Choi Min Woo.

Kim Gyu Ri Single's Inferno 3
(Photo : Netflix)

Yu Si Eun Single's Inferno 3
(Photo : Yu Si Eun Instagram)

Fellow participants Lee Jin Seok and An Min Young gave her moral support and advised her to go talk to him to avoid regrets in the future.

Taking the duo’s advice, the trio went to the other room, where Gyu Ri and Min Woo were talking.

She politely knocked and asked if she could have a minute with Choi Min Woo, but Gyu Ri said no. Her straight-up rejection got Yoo Si Eun, as well as the hosts, taken aback by her actions.

Kim Gyu Ri Instagram: Reality Star Pens Apology

Days after Netflix wrapped up “Single’s Inferno” Season 3, Kim Gyu Ri took to social media to explain her side and apologize after receiving hate from viewers.

Single's Inferno 3 Kim Gyu-ri
(Photo : Twitter )

Along with the behind-the-scenes look at the show, the 28-year-old beauty posted a lengthy message on Instagram, acknowledging the love and support from others who watched the show.

In addition, she briefly mentioned the negative reaction from viewers and said that she “keeps all the love, concerns, and criticisms in my heart with a truly grateful heart.”

Kim Gyu Ri also took the opportunity to thank everyone involved in the Netflix reality show for giving her a memorable summer.

A post shared by instagram

“I think it was an even more valuable and precious time, especially because the 12 of us were together. Thanks to you, I had an unforgettable experience in my life.”

Lastly, Gyu Ri apologized to viewers because of her attitude and actions.

“There was a lot of carelessness in my words and actions when it came to expressing my feelings in certain situations and in interviews. Even after watching the broadcast, I deeply regretted it and reflected on my words and actions.”

She also added that the experience made her a more mature and better person in the future.