THIS Star Makes Lim Ji Yeon Accepted Offer To Appear in ‘Revolver’

Lim Ji Yeon is making her silver screen comeback through the movie “Revolver.” She revealed that this female star was the reason why she did not hesitate in accepting the offer to join the project. 

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Lim Ji Yeon Reveals the Reason for Her Appearance in ‘Revolver’

Lim Ji Yeon
(Photo : Sports Hankook)

On July 9, the cast of the much-anticipated movie “Revolver” attended the media session held at Megabox COEX in Gangnam-gu Seoul. Present at the event are Jeon Do Yeon, Ji Chang Wook, Lim Ji Yeon, and director Oh Seung Wook.

During the interview, “The Glory” actress revealed the reason for her appearance in the project. 

“I did it without hesitation when I discovered that Jeon Do Yeon would also appear in the movie.” Lim Ji Yeon added, “Just being able to breathe together in the same place was a series of wonders.”

Jeon Do Yeon, Lim Ji Yeon
(Photo : Xportsnews )

She also recalled how amazed she was to see her senior on screen with her strong acting performances. 

“I thought she was so beautiful when I saw the monitor and watched my senior’s incredible acting chops. It was not just her physical appearance, but her expressionless face with her wounded face as Ha Soo Young that I found beautiful.”

Lim Ji Yeon added that while working with Jeon Do Yeon, she learned a lot from her even by just watching her on screen. 

What to Expect in Jeon Do Yeon’s Thriller Movie ‘Revolver’

Aside from Lim Ji Yeon, K-drama hottie Ji Chang Wook is also part of the upcoming thriller movie. Veteran actress Jeon Do Yeon even praised the actor for his brilliant performance that even outshined his good-looking face. 

Ji Chang Wook - Revolver
(Photo : Plus M Entertainment)

“Revolver” narrates the story of Soo Young, a former police officer who was accused of a crime and went to prison and took the fall for the crime. Upon her release, she decides herself to a singular goal in life. 

Lim Ji Yeon takes the role of Jung Yoon Sun, whose intentions remain unclear. Ji Chang Wook, on the other hand, is Andy, the person who betrayed Soo Young.

Jeon Do Yeon
(Photo : Plus M Entertainment)

Director Oh Seung Wook introduced the movie as the struggle of a person who was almost invisible and emphasized that all the characters in the movie have gone through a terrible life to get to where they are, giving a glimpse of the diverse narratives of the characters around the protagonist.

Revolver is scheduled to hit the cinemas on August 7.

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