THIS ‘The Red Sleeve’ Star Confesses He Became An Actor Because of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

This celebrity, who starred in the megahit series “The Red Sleeve,” revealed that Girls’ Generation Taeyeon was the reason he became an actor.

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Can you guess who he is?


Kang Hoon Reveals Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Was His Motivation to Become an Actor

After showcasing his brilliant acting skills through “The Red Sleeve,” “Little Women” and more, it’s safe to say that Kang Hoon is now one of the many in-demand actors in the industry.

But did you know? Before he before reaching his current status as an actor, Kang Hoon revealed the reason his career took off. His guest appearance on MBC’s talk show “Radio Star” went viral due to his unexpected confession.

Kang Hoon
Kang Hoon

According to the “Little Women” star, his greatest motivation for becoming an actor was so he could meet none other than the “Nation’s Girl Group” and K-pop legend, Girls’ Generation!

“I was thinking about how I could meet Girls’ Generation. Then I thought to myself, couldn’t I act? That’s how I started wanting to be an actor.”

He didn’t hesitate in answering that he was a big fan of Taeyeon, the group’s leader, and named her as his bias in the group.

SNSD Taeyeon
Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

“Girls Generation Taeyeon. She was the first and last idol that I’ve ever liked. I’ve never met her yet. I have a lot of CDs signed by her and I even have her name tag. I want to be a guest on Amazing Saturday and tell her that she helped me become an actor.”

Kang Hoon’s Love Confession for Taeyeon Goes Viral + Fans Support Him in Making His Dream Come True

Kang Hoon
(Photo : tvN Drama Official)

In addition to this, “The Red Sleeve” actor bravely confessed his feelings about Taeyeon on air!

“Because you were there during my younger days, I was able to work hard and become the actor that I am today. I want to thank you. I have your CDs at home, and I hope you’ll sign them whenever I meet you. My love for you was like a fire… Nevermind…”

This clip of Kang Hoon already has over 50,000 views on various portals and fans who saw this expressed their sentiments about the actor’s brave confession and support for the actor to finally meet his bias, Taeyeon.

  • “Amazing Saturday, make this happen. Lol!”
  • “This episode was hilarious.”
  • “Amazing Saturday, hurry up and invite him on.”
  • “This is so funny, every time I watch it. Amazing Saturday please have him on the show.”
  • “Kang Hoon is so cute.”
  • “Fiery love. HAHAHA”

What’s Next for Kang Hoon

While waiting for his dream of meeting Taeyeon, you can first watch Kang Hoon’s previous dramas, such as “A Time Called You,” “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse,” “The Red Sleeve,” “You Are My Spring,” “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung,” “When the Devil Calls Your Name,” and more.

Moreover, Kang Hoon is making his small screen return in the new ENA Channel drama “To My Haeri” alongside Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jin Uk, which is rumored to air in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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