THIS ‘Underrated’ TWICE Member Increases Popularity After Changing Makeup Style

This “least-mentioned” visual TWICE member is currently earning popularity for her upgraded beauty after changing her makeup style!

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Who is she?

THIS 'Underrated' TWICE Member Increases Popularity After Changing Makeup Style

TWICE Chaeyoung Before vs After Change of Makeup Style

Recently, there has been a TWICE member whose alluring beauty has been capturing netizens’ attention, and it is none other than Chaeyoung!

Amid their world tour “READY TO BE,” the idol’s glow-up becomes the talk of the town. Fans are emphasizing how zero plastic surgery was involved – only the power of makeup!

THIS 'Underrated' TWICE Member Increases Popularity After Changing Makeup Style
(Photo : Chaeyoung before vs after (Kpopping))

As part of their 5th world tour, the nonet headed to Mexico and met fans with impressive performances of their hits and special stages prepared by the members.

However, among them, Chaeyoung has been dominating various social media platforms and online communities for her “improved” visuals that truly stood out, on top of her excellent idol skills.

In particular, prior to her debut, Chaeyoung was known for her cool and hip aura during the time she was still competing in Mnet’s “Sixteen,” an audition show launched by JYP Entertainment in search of TWICE members.

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However, when she debuted, this image slowly vanished as JYP also started to experiment with Chaeyoung’s style, often giving him the cutesy and bubbly concept to match her status in the group’s maknae-line.

As a result, she was often given vibrant makeup, from bright pink lipstick to colorful eyeshadow.

However, the 24-year-old member is finally free from that concept and shocked ONCEs (fandom) with her upgraded appearance after trying to lessen her makeup coverage and opting for the muted and peach-tone palette.

Contrary to her looks before, Chaeyoung completely transformed into a fine lady, not to mention her slimmer and solid physique.

Although TWICE is a group filled with visual members, she is unfortunately one of the most underrated, her beauty being overshadowed by most mentioned members like Sana, Tzuyu, Mina and Nayeon.

However, with her makeup style change, more fans are finally seeing her natural top-tier beauty, giving her the appreciation that she deserves!

Some fans left comments such as:

  • “I was really shocked to see her in the new Mexico concert, she looked as gorgeous as Mina and Tzuyu who are TWICE’s more mentioned visuals.”
  • “The old makeup style did Chaeyoung badly. A suitable makeup style is really as effective as plastic surgery.”

On the X platform, fans also approved of her new makeup style, saying:

TWICE to Release ‘With YOU-th’ on February 23

Meanwhile, TWICE, the group to which Chaeyoung belongs will release its new mini-album, “With YOU-th” and its title track “ONE SPARK” at 2 p.m. on February 23.

This album is the first full album in about a year since TWICE released “READY TO BE” in March last year.

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(Photo : Instagram: @twicetagram)

The new album “With YOU-th” contains six songs, including the original English single “I GOT YOU”, the title track “ONE SPARK”, and the song “BLOOM”, “YOU GET ME”, “RUSH”, and “NEW NEW”, which were written by members Jeongyeon, Dahyun and Chaeyoung respectively.