THIS Veteran Actress Says Ji Chang Wook’s ‘Good Looks Overshadowed His Acting Skills’

Ji Chang Wook was praised by award-winning actress Jeon Do Yeon at the press conference for their upcoming movie “Revolver.”

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The star-studded movie has been gaining attention from the public as it features an amazing cast lineup and an intriguing story. 

An action crime drama, “Revolver,” centers around Ha Soo Young, played by Jeon Do Yeon, a former police officer who went to prison instead of someone else. 

As she gets out of prison, Ha Soo Young begins a special mission, which is to reclaim what rightfully belongs to her. 

On her journey, she discovered a mysterious man named Andy, portrayed by Ji Chang Wook, who was behind it all. 

Ji Chang Wook - Revolver
(Photo : Plus M Entertainment)

Ahead of the film’s release, “Revolver” cast members dish on their experience filming the movie and their working relationships as co-stars. 

Jeon Do Yeon is Impressed by Ji Chang Wook’s Acting Skills

At the “Revolver” press conference, Jeon Do Yeon couldn’t help but share her discovery about Ji Chang Wook. 

Sharing her thoughts about the actor, the award-winning actress said, “While working on this film, I realized how little I knew about Ji Chang Wook.” 

Jeon Do Yeon
(Photo : Dispatch Korea)

Jeon Do Yeon continued to praise the actor and explained why he has more than just a handsome face. 

“Honestly, I thought his good looks overshadowed his acting skills,” she said, adding, “Ji Chang Wook has always had a strong image of being so good-looking, so I was really surprised by his performance. 

In addition to this, Jeon Do Yeon recalled what he told the “Revolver” director about Ji Chang Wook’s impeccable skills in acting. 

“After filming the first scene, I told the director, ‘I feel like I’ve seen a completely new side of him.’ Working with Chang Wook was a series of surprises. I drew a lot of energy from Ha Soo Young.”

Ji Chang Wook Had Mixed Emotions Working With Jeon Do Yeon in ‘Revolver’

On the other hand, the South Korean actor confessed that he felt “intimidated” around the veteran actress. 

Ji Chang Wook
(Photo : Dispatch Korea)

“I was very nervous. The scenes with her were crucial for my character, and I was both eager and anxious.” 

Furthermore, Ji Chang Wook admitted that working alongside Jeon Do Yeon for the first time was a mixed reaction for him. It was thrilling, but at the same time “nerve-wracking” for him. 

Despite this, the actor expressed how thankful he is for being able to work with such a great award-winning actress. 

“She was very accepting of my playful nature, which made the shooting comfortable.”

Other than Ji Chang Wook and Jeon Do Yeon, the “Revolver” cast also includes Lim Ji Yeon with a guest appearance by Lee Jung Jae. The film is slated to premiere in August.