Tiffany Young Reveals Song Joong Ki as Her ‘Acting Coach’ in ‘Reborn Rich’

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Tiffany Young dishes on her experience as she enters acting, working alongside different top stars.

During her guest appearance on MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star,” the Girls’ Generation member talks about her working relationship with award-winning stars Song Joong Ki and Song Kang Ho.

Best known as a member of the hottest 2nd generation K-pop group, Tiffany Young surprised the public when she made her acting debut in the 2022 K-drama “Reborn Rich.”

Reborn Rich
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She continued focusing her career as an actress and eventually landed another K-drama, “Uncle Samsik,” and her first ever musical, “Chicago.”

In her interview, she expressed how thankful she is for her seniors, especially Song Joong Ki.

The singer-actress shared a touching story with her “Reborn Rich” co-star and the reason why she referred to him as her “acting coach.”

Tiffany Young Reveals Why She Considered Song Joong Ki as Her ‘Acting Coach’ in ‘Reborn Rich’

Tiffany Young joined the novel-based K-drama “Reborn Rich,” where she played the role of Rachel, one of the trusted colleagues of Jin Do Joon, played by Song Joong Ki.

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During the series, her scenes were mostly with the top star and Park Hyuk Kwon, who portrayed the role of Oh Se Hyun of Miracle Investment.

When asked about her adjustments with acting, Tiffany Young shared that she “learned acting from the teacher for one year and a half.”

The host got curious if there were real acting coaches present during the filming.

According to the Girl’s Generation member, it was Song Joong Ki who stepped in and became her instant acting coach for her “Reborn Rich” scenes.

“I shot several scenes with Song Joong Ki. When I was acting, he brought a reflector to the scene. He tried to take care of me every time and always raised the mood on the set,” she said, expressing her gratitude to her senior co-star.

At the height of the drama, Tiffany Young and Song Joong Ki became a trending topic, with viewers lauding their chemistry as co-stars.

Apart from this, behind-the-scenes clips also attracted attention as fans witnessed the good working relationship between the duo and co-star Park Hyuk Kwon. In one scene, the trio enjoyed joking around with each other on set.

Song Joong Ki even struggled to finish his line without bursting out into laughter.

Tiffany Young Stars in ‘Uncle Samsik’ With Song Kang Ho

Top star Song Joong Ki, the singer-actress, joins the new K-drama “Uncle Samsik,” headlined by award-winning actor Song Kang Ho.

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Interestingly, this is also the veteran actor’s first K-drama after 32 years since his debut.

Helmed and written by Shin Yeon Shick of “Cassiopeia” and “One Win,” it depicts the story of bromance between two men who have the same ambition at the height of the turbulent period during the 1960s in Korea.

Tiffany Young joins as Rachel Jeong, the director of the Albright Foundation, who shows interest in Kim San’s (Byun Yo Han) goal to reconstruct Korea as a nation.

“Uncle Samsik” aired its first five episodes on May 15 via Disney+, with succeeding episodes on May 22.