To My Harry Kdrama: Kang Hoon in Talks to Star in Upcoming Romance Drama Alongside Shin Hye-sun and Lee Jin-wook

The Korean entertainment industry buzzes with excitement as discussions swirl around Kang Hoon’s potential involvement in the upcoming romance drama To My Harry Kdrama, alongside stars Shin Hye-sun and Lee Jin-wook. Recent reports from STARNEWS have shed light on his potential casting in the highly-anticipated drama project from ENA, tentatively titled 나의 해리에게 To My Haeri (literal title).

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Representatives from Kang Hoon’s agency, npioe Entertainment, have acknowledged the discussions, stating, “he is positively considering joining the cast of the drama.” Given his track record of delivering excellent work, which has garnered him a loyal fanbase, this news has heightened excitement among fans. Previously, he showcased his talent in dramas like A Time Called You and The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, captivating audiences. If he becomes part of this upcoming project, we can anticipate the romance to be exceptional.

The drama, scripted by renowned writer Han Ga-ram, promises a captivating blend of romance and healing. Centred around Joo Eun-ho, an announcer grappling with dissociative identity disorder (Haeri in Korean), the narrative delves into her journey following the disappearance of her sibling and the dissolution of her long-term relationship with Hyun Oh. With Shin Hye-sun and Lee Jin-wook already confirmed for leading roles, his potential involvement adds to the anticipation surrounding the project.

Should Kang Hoon accept the role, he is slated to portray Kang Joo-yeon, an announcer with a complex backstory. Tasked with fulfilling his late brother’s aspirations, Kang Joo Yeon’s reserved demeanour, shaped by experiences in all-boys schools and a military academy, poses challenges in his interactions, particularly with women. As we await further developments, fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding of To My Harry on ENA screens in the latter half of the year.

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