To My Harry Kdrama: Shin Hye-sun and Lee Jin-wook’s Upcoming Romance Series Unveils Broadcast Plans

ENA’s latest romantic offering, To My Harry kdrama (literal title), has announced its broadcast schedule, much to the excitement of K-drama enthusiasts. With Shin Hye-sun and Lee Jin-wook leading the cast, this series promises an emotional rollercoaster ride for viewers.

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Penned by Han Ga-ram, renowned for her work on projects like I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice, To My Harry (나의 해리에게) is poised to capture hearts with its poignant narrative. The drama revolves around Joo Eun-ho, portrayed by Shin Hye-sun, an anchor grappling with dissociative identity disorder following the disappearance of her younger sibling and the demise of her long-term relationship with Hyun Oh, played by Lee Jin-wook.

In the upcoming series, Shin Hye-sun is anticipated to deliver a captivating performance as she portrays dual roles, embodying both Joo Eun-ho, an aspiring anchor striving to establish her identity in the industry, and Joo Hye-ri, a cheerful parking attendant with an indomitable spirit. Meanwhile, Lee Jin-wook will breathe life into the character of Jung Hyun-oh, Joo Eun-ho’s former boyfriend turned successful anchor. Despite his affable demeanour, Hyun-oh’s strained relationship with Eun-ho adds depth to the storyline, leaving emotional scars from their breakup.

Check out the To My Harry Kdrama Broadcasting Announcement

To My Harry is slated to debut on ENA in the latter half of the year, offering audiences a captivating blend of romance and healing. As anticipation builds for this promising series, viewers can expect an exploration of love, loss, and resilience through the lens of compelling characters and intricate relationships.

The drama’s premise, coupled with the stellar cast and the creative prowess of the production team, positions To My Harry as a frontrunner in the realm of romance dramas. With its nuanced portrayal of human emotions and the complexities of relationships, the series is poised to resonate with audiences on a profound level.

As fans eagerly await the premiere of this drama ENA promises to deliver an unforgettable viewing experience that will tug at the heartstrings and leave a lasting impression. Stay tuned for further updates on what is sure to be a captivating addition to the K-drama landscape.

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