Top 10 best K-pop singles of 2023 by izm

Dynamic Duo and Lee Young Ji – Smoke
RIIZE – Get a guitar
Parc Jae Jung – Let’s Say Goodbye
Silica Gel – Tik tak tok
AKMU – Fry’s Dream
Sejin and Seok Chul Yun – Cocktail Paradise
Jungkook – Seven
TripleS – Rising
H1-Key – Rose Blossom

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1. Oh~!! Jungkook💜 RIIZE🧡

2. ‘Get a guitar’ is so good

3. I agree

4. I’m surprised that NewJeans isn’t there?

5. These are all good songs

6. I like AKMU and Park Jae Jung’s songs

7. NewJeans is not a single but an album

8. I still listen to ‘Get a guitar’ and ‘Seven’. I like these songs

9. As expected, Seven is so good

10. These songs are all good

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