Top 10 K-pop Girl Group Members According to Korean Teenagers — Who Ranked #1?

K-pop is also well known for its popularity polls that involve idols in various topics or categories. In a forum, netizens talked about a poll that listed the top K-pop idols for Korean teens.

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Top 10 K-pop Girl Group Members According to Korean Teenagers — Who Ranked #1?
(Photo : Instagram)

Here are the Top 10 K-pop girl group members according to Korean teenagers!

1.    aespa Karina

aespa Karina
(Photo : Instagram: @katarinabluu)

Karina managed to land first place on the poll. In the fourth generation of K-pop, the aespa leader has quite taken the entire K-pop community by storm with her presence and talent.

Karina has also managed to go viral several times for her appearance, which is consistently a hot topic among online communities, and it came to the point where she was dubbed as one of fourth-gen’s representative visuals.

2.    aespa Winter

aespa Winter
(Photo : Instagram: @imwinter)

Winter placed in No. 2 due to her duality since the idol can emit a “cool” and “delicate” vibe simultaneously. The singer has trended numerous times for her social media updates, stage presence, and vocals.

3.    IVE Ahn Yujin

IVE Ahn Yujin
(Photo : Instagram: @_yujin_an)

In No.3, the list included another popular fourth-gen idol Ahn Yujin, who is IVE’s headstrong leader. Ever since her inclusion in IVE, Yujin has already established herself a solid core fanbase during her time in IZ*ONE and “Produce” days.

4.    NMIXX Sullyoon

(Photo : NMIXX Twitter)

Sullyoon landed on No. 4, and is also capable of going viral with her performance skills and visuals.

5.    IVE Jang Wonyoung

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(Photo : Instagram: @for_everyoung10)

When it comes to notability in the fourth-gen, Jang Wonyoung has the most spotlight. The idol is so successful and popular, that even her smallest of actions can produce countless forums online.

6.    NewJeans Haerin

NewJeans Haerin
(Photo : Instagram: @newjeans_official)

Many can definitely agree that Haerin is NewJeans’ representative bias-wrecker. With her cat-like visuals, quiet personality, and most of all, her dancing skills, Haerin doesn’t leave any crumbs when she’s on stage, and will most likely capture your heart too when off-cam!

7.    Former miss A Bae Suzy

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(Photo : Instagram: @skuukzky)

There are no words for how popular and influential Bae Suzy is in South Korea. Ever since her debut in miss A, the idol-actress has come far in her career with her acting gig, while balancing out the music activities that still display her passion for singing.

From advertisements, songs, to dramas, Suzy eventually garnered the moniker “Nation’s First Love,” due to how much she’s loved by the general public. In this list, Suzy is the only 2.5-gen K-pop idol to be included.

8.    NewJeans Minji

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(Photo : MBC뉴스)

Minji’s popularity in the K-pop community is no joke, and the idol’s visuals are often the center of discussion due to her girl-next-door vibe.

9.    BLACKPINK Jisoo

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(Photo : Instagram: @sooyaaa__)

As the only third-gen female idol on the list, Jisoo has caught everyone’s attention with her music and presence on social media.

10.  LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon

(Photo : Instagram: @_chaechae_1)

Chaewon had the best transition when she debuted in LE SSERAFIM. Contrary to her “fairy” image in IZ*ONE, the LE SSERAFIM leader has continuously turned heads by exuding fierce energy and pretty visuals in her performances!

Do you love any other K-pop girl group members aside from the ones mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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