Top 100 K-pop Rappers Ranked by Dabeme: BTS Suga, ASTRO JinJin, Lisa, More!

After about three weeks of voting, the “Top 100 K-pop Rappers” was unveiled by Dabeme Pop! Keep reading to know if your favorite idol entered the rankings!

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From August 22 to September 8, Dabeme Pop, a popular Brazilian entertainment website held a survey among K-pop enthusiasts to select the top 100 best K-pop rappers in the industry.

After more than two weeks of eliminating the 5 least-voted nominees every day, the final result was finally announced!


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Among hundreds of nominees, BTS Suga took the crown with 309, 858 votes. Also known as Agust D, the male artist has been flaunting his impeccable rapping skills since his debut in BTS and it became even more known after he debuted as a solo artist.

Suga is especially lauded for he not only recites words in a fast tempo, but he evokes admiration every time he raps and it gives viewers the impression of listening to someone’s sincere story through a fast poem.

Rapper-producer Suga also boasts a wide musical spectrum which was evident in his album, “D-Day,” released in April. In his tracks, he doesn’t just spout nonsense rhyming words but through rapping, he can express his honest emotions and discuss social critical aspects.

Dabeme’s Top 100 K-pop Rappers: BTS J-Hope, ASTRO JinJin, BLACKPINK Lisa, More!

Following Suga, his BTS co-members J-Hope and RM followed in second and third place, respectively.

Despite initially debuting as BTS’s main dancer, ARMYs have seen J-Hope’s journey of growing as a rapper and eventually became a significant part of the group’s rap line. In the voting, he earned 219,118 votes.

Originally debuting as “Rap Monster,” Namjoon indeed has become a huge factor in growing BTS’s name as a rapper. He’s not only a fast rapper, but RM is known for his ability to rap smoothly and naturally, keeping it simple yet leaving a huge impact. He amassed 209,203 votes.

In fourth place, ASTRO JinJin secured the spot after he garnered 180,396 votes. He is a versatile rapper known for rapping words seamlessly. His co-member Rocky followed in fifth place with 179,103 votes.

ONEUS Ravn also entered the top 10 as sixth placer with 167,251 votes.

Among girl groups, BLACKPINK Lisa secured the highest ranking among female idols and sat at No. 7 with 119,592 votes.

Here Are TOP 100 – K-POP RAPPERS, According to Dabeme:

#1 Suga (BTS) – 309,858
#2 J-Hope (BTS) – 219,118
#3 RM (BTS) – 209,203
#4 JinJin (ASTRO) – 180,396
#5 Rocky – 179,103
#6 Ravn – 167,251
#7 Lisa (BLACKPINK) – 119,592
#8 Haruto (TREASURE) – 98,805
#9 BamBam (GOT7) – 93,292
#10 Jennie (BLACKPINK) -90,968
#11 Moon Sua (Billlie) -78,985
#12 Felix (STRAY KIDS) – 66,788
#13 Kim Jiwoong (ZEROBASEONE) – 61,902
#14 Hyunjin (STRAY KIDS) – 53,160
#15 Huening Kai (TXT) – 52,850
#16 Han (STRAY KIDS) – 49,622
#17 Hyunsuk (TREASURE) – 49,404
#18 Changbin (STRAY KIDS) – 47,896
#19 Hongjoong (ATEEZ) – 44,827
#20 Beomgyu (TXT) -40,995
#21 Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) – 35,319
#22 Bang Chan (STRAY KIDS) – 34,824
#23 Yeonjun (TXT) – 34,790
#24 Mark (GOT7) – 34,130
#25 Bobby (iKON) – 31,745
#26 Mingi (ATEEZ) – 27,688
#27 G-DRAGON (BIGBANG) – 26,925
#28 Lee Know (STRAY KIDS) – 26,123
#29 Yoshi (TREASURE) – 25,181
#30 Jackson (GOT7) – 24,316

(For full top 100 rankings, click HERE.)

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