Top 15 Best-Selling K-pop Groups of All Time

Here are 15 K-pop groups with the highest album sales in history

lWith each passing year, Kpop’s influence continues to grow, and one metric that showcases this phenomenon is physical album sales. In 2023 alone, SEVENTEEN made history by selling 10 million copies in just 8 months. Let’s take a closer look at the top 15 best-selling Kpop groups of all time.

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1st Gen Icons: g.o.d and Seo Taiji & Boys

Seo Taiji & Boys

In the 15th spot is g.o.d, a 1st gen idol group that has sold a total of 5.17 million copies throughout their career. Seo Taiji & Boys, often credited with pioneering the idol industry, claim the 9th spot with 8 million copies sold. Their album “Seo Taiji and Boys IV” started a hip-hop frenzy in South Korea, becoming a national sensation.

SM’s Dominance

NCT Dream

Despite a tumultuous year in 2023 for SM Entertainment, the company artists maintain their stronghold in the industry. Five groups from SM made it into the top best-selling Kpop groups list. This includes Super Junior (12th place with 6.35 million copies), NCT (11th place with 6.69 million copies), NCT 127 (8th place with 10.16 million copies), EXO (5th place with 13.65 million copies), and NCT Dream (4th place with 15.78 million copies).

The Rise of 4th Gen Boy Groups

stray kids

Other groups in the top 15 are also significant names representing the 4th generation of K-pop. Among them are ATEEZ (13th place with 5.98 million copies), ENHYPEN (10th place with 7 million copies), TXT (7th place with 10.93 million copies), and Stray Kids (3rd place with 16.53 million copies).

Rare Female Representatives: TWICE vs. BLACKPINK

When it comes to physical sales that are often dominated by male idols, two girl groups entering top 15 are TWICE and BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK, despite releasing only two full albums in seven years, secured the 14th spot with a total of 5.92 million copies sold. TWICE, with their strong fandom and early success, confidently occupies 6th place with a total of 11.14 million copies sold.

SEVENTEEN’s Record-Breaking Sales


In 2nd place, SEVENTEEN boasts an impressive 27.18 million copies sold over their eight-year career. Their latest album, “FML,” released in April 2023, achieved a record-breaking 6.27 million copies sold. Remarkably, SEVENTEEN became the first K-pop act to reach 10 million album sales in just one year, specifically, within the first eight months of 2023.

BTS: The Unrivaled Leader


At the top of the list is BTS, the undisputed king of K-pop, with an astonishing 39.53 million copies sold. While the members focus on solo activities and fulfill military service obligations, BTS’ popularity remains unparalleled. Their best-selling album, “Map of the Soul: 7,” has sold 5 million copies worldwide.