Top 15 K-pop Female Dancers Of 2024 So Far According to Dabeme — Who’s Your Favorite?

Dabeme POP has officially released the rankings for the best K-pop female dancers of 2024. The poll required various fandoms in the K-pop community to vote for their preferred performers, and numerous idols stood out on the list.

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Top 15 Female K-pop Dancers Of 2024 So Far According to Dabeme — Who's Your Favorite?
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Featuring 15 best K-pop female dancers of 2024 so far according to Dabeme!

1.    Kep1er Hikaru


Dabeme ranked Hikaru of Kep1er in first place after the idol received a total vote count of 21,736.  

2.    BLACKPINK Rosé


Rosé was placed in No. 2 after garnering 14,532 votes from the poll. The idol may be the main vocalist of BLACKPINK, but she has also garnered attention for her alluring energy in her dancing.

3.    Kep1er Youngeun


Youngeun received a total vote count of 12,838, which led her to claim the No. 3 spot on the list.

4.    BLACKPINK Lisa


Lisa is considered one of the best dancers in the third generation, as the idol has captured the world’s attention with her swag, flow, and captivating stages. According to the list, BLACKPINK’s youngest member received 7,669 votes.

5.    TWICE Momo


Momo is known for her title “Dancing Mo-chine,” since she has blown away audiences with her versatile movements and ability to adapt to different dance styles including hip hop, ballet, locking, and many more.

With a vote count of 6,550 from the poll, Momo managed to round the top five with her score.



Ruka of BABYMONSTER claimed 5,720 votes on the poll, which led her to secure the No. 6 spot.

7.    TWICE Mina


Mina of TWICE is also a team player of TWICE in the dancing department. The “Black Swan” of TWICE is also known to have graceful ballet skills, and the aptitude to switch back to different styles, given the group’s ever-evolving choreography sets.

Mina received 5,569 votes on the list, and this led the TWICE member to claim No. 7.

8.    TWICE Tzuyu


Tzuyu has fascinated fans with her groove, grace, and dance lines. The TWICE maknae received 5,564 votes on the poll, which ranked her in eighth place.

9.    BABYMONSTER Ahyeon


Ahyeon arrived in No. 9 after receiving 5,549 votes.

10.  TWICE Nayeon


With 5,383 votes, TWICE’s center Nayeon completed the Top 10.

11.  ITZY Ryujin


Ryujin gathered 4,313 votes, placing her in No. 11. The idol has long seized the attention of fans with her dancing, evident with how she applies strength in her body to execute precise and powerful moves.

12.  IVE Leeseo


Leeseo received 3,115 votes, ranking her in No. 12.

13.  Red Velvet Seulgi


K-pop ace Seulgi received 2,873 votes on the poll, which successfully took No. 13.

14.  Kep1er Xiaoting


Xiaoting placed No. 14 with 2,398 votes.

15.  Secret Number Dita


Dita of Secret Number placed No. 15 with 1,860 votes.

Which K-pop idol on the list are your favorite dancers? Let us know in the comments below!

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