Top 15 K-pop Male Dancers Of 2024 Ranked By Fans — Who Slayed Most?

Fans have participated in Dabeme’s poll for the best dancers in the K-pop industry this 2024. There are many talented dancers in the music scene and only a few landed spots on the rankings, which based on the votes of various fandoms in the K-pop community.

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Top 15 K-pop Male Dancers Of 2024 Ranked By Fans — Who Slayed Most?
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Here are the 15 best K-pop male dancers according to Dabeme!

1.    BTS Jimin


Jimin claimed 105,318 votes on the poll, making him the No. 1 idol on the list. When it comes to dancing, Jimin is a force to be reckoned with due to his flexibility and elegance.

2.    BTS J-Hope


J-Hope is known to be a perfectionist, and that involves his craft in dancing. Revered for his versatility and swag, the idol has consistently fascinated viewers with his stages. According to the poll, J-Hope received a total vote count of 33,548.

3.    BTS Jungkook


Ranking in third place, Jungkook successfully garnered 33,359 votes from fans. The youngest member of BTS has continuously proven himself as an all-rounder. Viewers are often amazed by his powerful dancing and adaptability.

4.    SEVENTEEN Hoshi


Hoshi of SEVENTEEN received 24,396 votes, placing him at No. 4.

5.    ENHYPEN Ni-Ki


Ni-Ki secured a total vote count of 22,415, leading him to round up the top five.

6.    RIIZE Shotaro


Shotaro managed to claim the No. 6 spot by garnering 16,654 votes on the poll.

7.    VIXX N


According to the rankings, N claimed the seventh place after seeing 12,770 votes.

8.    SHINee Taemin


Taemin is considered one of the greatest dancers in the K-pop industry. The SHINee maknae is admired by many K-pop idols, as he has consistently shown his exceptional skills in the dancing department.

Apart from being praised over time for his techniques, stage presence, and knowledge of various dance styles, Taemin is also commended by many for how he interprets the music to his will and his ability to put emotion into his performances.

On the list Taemin claimed 12,163 votes, placing him in No. 8.

9.    Former ASTRO Rocky


With a vote count of 11,667, Rocky successfully claimed the ninth place.

10.  INFINITE Woohyun


Woohyun garnered 11,478 votes on the poll, which ranked him at No. 10.

11.  Stray Kids Bang Chan


Bang Chan placed No. 11 after receiving 11,050 votes.

12.  Stray Kids Lee Know


In No. 12, Lee Know reigned with 10,303 votes.

13.  NCT Ten


One of third-gen’s best, Ten of NCT is a virtuoso on the dance floor. From contemporary to urban and hip hop, Ten makes every second count in every performance.

The idol received 9,367 votes, ranking him at No. 13.

14.  Stray Kids Felix


Felix received 9,289 votes, claiming No. 14.

15.  EXO Kai


Saving the best for last, K-pop’s “World-Class Performer” Kai received 9,121 votes at No. 15.

Which K-pop male dancers on the list are your favorite performers? Let us know in the comments below!

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