Top 5 Visuals with Talents

Top 5 Visuals with Talents

Many people see Kpop visuals as just a pretty face but there are so many visuals with many talents. Here are 5 visuals with talent.

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(Not in order)

1. Kim Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

In recent years, Jisoo has received a lot of hate and been called talentless, but Jisoo has made a name for herself in the Kpop, fashion, gaming and acting industries. Jisoo’s voice is so unique and she makes good high notes. She writes songs and books, plays 3 instruments; Geomungo, Buk and the piano. Her acting was so good she got Oscar winning directors praising her.

2. Kazuha (Le Sserafim)

She is the meaning of pretty face with talent. Kazuha is a ballerina, one of the hardest sports there is. She is incredibly good at it and started ballet when she was only 3 years old. She has won so many awrads whoever dares to call her talentless has lost their mind!.

3. Yuna (ITZY)

At only 15 yrs old yuna made her mark in kpop history by breaking the record for the most viewed debut fancam. Her confidence on stage is untouchable. A good rapper and dancer, her voice isn’t the best but Yuna writes her own song!

4. Irene (Red Velvet)

Our Pretty Irene is known for her skills as a performer and entertainer. She is recognized for her strong stage presence, charismatic personality, and her abilities as a singer and dancer. While opinions on individual talents can vary, Irene has received acclaim for her contributions to the group and her overall presence in the K-pop industry.

5. Karina (AESPA)

Karina is really one of the most beautiful 4th gen idols and she is also super talented. As a Sub Vocalist she is better than some Main vocalists and her high notes never disappoint!. Her rapping is so incredibly strong, her dacing is so clean and sharp. Watching her dance is such a beautiful feeling.