Top 8 Most Popular Idols in Japan: BTS Jungkook, nSSign Kazuta, SHINee Taemin, More!

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Who’s the most popular idol in Japan? In a survey, THESE 8 stars dominated the list!

On May 30, the idol fandom app IDOL CHAMP released the results of a poll held, under the theme: “Who’s the most popular idol in Japan?”

The survey was held from May 14 to 28 and as a result of a global voting, BTS Jungkook was crowned as No. 1.

Based on the rankings, the global pop star earned 39.07% of the total votes, making him the No. 1 K-pop idol in Japan.

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Although he is currently serving the military, Jungkook maintained his high popularity especially in Japan and recently became the most search male idol in on YouTube Japan in 2024.

In addition to this, he impressively entered the rankings for “Face of 2023” as the only K-pop solo singer selected over 300, 000 Japanese netizens, showing off his unrivaled fame and presence outside Korea.

While he already established his name as BTS’s main vocalist and maknae, Jungkook proved his individual prowess when he released his megahit track, “Seven.”

This song flaunted his great box office power and syndrome-like popularity by sweeping major charts in Japan. In fact, after achieving more than 100 million cumulative streams, he was able to obtain a “Platinum” certification in the streaming category from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).

Moreover, “Seven” also won the “Song of the Year by Download” award in the Asia category at the 38th Japan Gold Disc Awards.

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Following him, n.SSign Kazuta ranked 2nd place with 18.99% of the votes. The Japanese-born K-pop idol debuted in 2023 after joining the reality survival show, “Stars Awakening” launched in partnership with Korea’s Channel A and Japan’s Abema TV.

If superb vocals is the topic, Kazuta is surely a rare hidden gem in the K-pop scene, and this is just on the reasons why he is earning popularity in Japan and other foreign countries.!

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In third place, SHINee Taemin then secured the spot with 10.77% of the votes. Even after 13 years had passed since the group debuted in Japan and 8 years after he became a soloist in the country, his fame remained top-tier.

Aside from his bop tracks, his witty and loving personality as well as fluency in speaking Japanese helped him establish a large and solid fandom in Japan that all of his concerts there were sold out.

Meanwhile, NiziU Mako ranked 4th (9.37%) followed by TXT Beomgyu as No. 5 (5.52%). JO1 Kono Junki (4.98%), &TEAM K (3.79%) and Stray Kids Hyunjin (3.73%) then completed the list, ranking 6th to 8th, in order.