Top Enemy To Lover BL Dramas Of All Time

Weekend is here and all we need is a good drama to manage all our work-stress. Make your weekend worthy with a good BL drama marathon. Today we are sharing the top enemy to lover BL dramas of all time. 

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Semantic Error (2022)

Top Enemy To Lover BL Dramas Of All Time

Network: Viki

Episodes: 8

Genre: BL, Romance, Comedy

Cast: Park Seo Ham, Park Jae Chan, Kim Noh Jin

Synopsis: Chu Sang Woo (Park Jae Chan) is a computer science student. He is very talented but always stays alone and doesn’t talk often. While working on a group project, he met Jang Hae Young (Park Seo Ham). Jang Hae Young is a design major and has a friendly nature. This is one of the best dramas starring K-POP idols. 

TharnType (2019)

Top Enemy To Lover BL Dramas Of All Time

Network: GMM One

Episodes: 12

Genre: Youth, BL, Drama, Romance, Music

Cast: Mew, Gulf, Hiter, Kokliang Mild, Tong

Synopsis: Type Thiwat is a freshman at a university. He is a nice person but he hates gay people. Type lives in a university hostel and has a roommate Tharn Kirigun. Tharn is a very handsome guy and a compassionate music major. Type’s life went upside down when he got to know that his roommate Tharn is openly gay. TharnType is on the top enemy to lover BL dramas of all time.

Bad Buddy (2021)

Top Enemy To Lover BL Dramas Of All Time

Network: GMM 24

Episodes: 12

Genre: BL, Romance, Friendship, Comedy

Cast: Ohm, Nanon, Love, Milk

Synopsis: Pran (Nanon) and Pat (Ohm) are neighbors but their families have a deep rivalry. Now they both are in the same university but have different courses. Pat is a student of engineering whereas Pran is the class president of Architecture. Bad Buddy is one of the top enemy to lover BL dramas of all time. You can watch this drama on YouTube.

2gether (2020)

2gether the series

Network: GMM 25

Episodes: 13

Genre: BL, Comedy, Music, Romance, Friendship

Cast: Win, Bright, Gun, Mike, Toptap, Frank, Brake

Synopsis: Tine (Win) is a cheerleader in college and has a good personality. Green (Gun) asks Tine to date him but Tine is not into boys. Meanwhile, Tine asks Sarawat (Bright) to be his fake boyfriend to turn down Green’s proposal.

Twins (2024)

twins the series

Network: Channel 3

Episodes: 12

Genre: BL, Sports, Romance, Comedy

Cast: Frame, Ryan, Mimi

Synopsis: Zee (Frame) is a volleyball player and his National trials are coming up. He is an excellent player but has a cold personality. His twin brother Sprite (Frame) is a Jiu-Jitsu player. He is a good player and has a great personality. Due to jealousy, some of his mates plan to beat him. But mistakenly, they beat Zee instead of Sprite. 

The Sign (2024)

the sign

Network: Channel 3

Episodes: 12

Genre: Suspense, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Crime, BL, Romance

Cast: Billy, Babe

Synopsis: Phaya and Tharn are partners in a special investigation team. Tharn often gets premonitions about good and bad around Phaya. Meanwhile, Phaya often sees a girl in his dreams who resembles Tharn. 

Sotus (2016)

Network: GGM One

Episodes: 15

Genre: BL, Friendship, Romance. Youth

Cast: Krist, Singto, New, Neen

Synopsis: Kongpop is a freshman at the university. He wanted to study Economics but he took admission in engineering. All freshmen have to undergo the SOTUS. Arthit is a third-year senior and the head of hazers. He is very strict and rude to the freshmen. However, Kongpop stood up against the abuses of the seniors. Sotus is one of the most classic BL dramas of all time.

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