Top Mystery-Thriller Korean Dramas of 2024

If you are a fan of thriller series, 2024 is for you. Some top mystery-thriller dramas are about to release this year such as All Of Us Are Dead 2, Squid Game 2 etc. Mystery-thrillers are always best for K-drama marathons. We are sharing top mystery-thriller Korean dramas of 2024. 

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A Shop For Killers

Top Mystery-Thriller Korean Dramas of 2024

Network: Disney+

Episodes: 8

Genre: Thriller, Crime, Suspense

Cast: Lee Dong-Wook, Kim Hye-Jun, Park Ji-Bin, Geum Hannah, Kim Min

Synopsis: Jeong Ji-An (Kim Hye-Jun) lost her parents in childhood. She was left all alone so her uncle Jeong Jin-Man (Lee Dong-Wook) took her and they started living together. Jeong Jin-Man runs a mysterious online shopping site. One day, Heong Ji-An receives a phone call and hears that his uncle has passed away. A Shop for Killers is one of the top mystery-thriller Korean dramas of 2024.

Death Game

Top Mystery-Thriller Korean Dramas of 2024

Network: Amazon Prime


Genre: Fantasy, Suspense, Thriller, Crime

Cast: Seo In Guk, Park So Dam, Kim Ji-Hoon, Ko Yoo-Jung, Kim Mi-Kyung, Choi Si-Won, Sung Hoon, Kim Kang-Hoon, Jang Seung-Jo, Lee Jae-Wook, Lee Do-Hyun, Kim Jae-Wook, Oh Jung-Se, Kim Won-Hae, Kim Gun-Ho

Synopsis: Choi Yee-Jae (Seo In Guk) is a decent man with a kind personality. After spending several years trying to find a good job, he gets depressed and decides to end his life. He jumps off the building and Death (Park So-Dam) appears in front of him. This is one of the top 10 Korean dramas to watch in 2024.

A Killer Paradox

Top Mystery-Thriller Korean Dramas of 2024

Network: Netflix

Episodes: 8

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Dark Comedy

Cast: Choi Woo-Sik, Son Suk-ku, Lee Hee-Jun

Synopsis: Lee Tang (Choi Woo-Sik) is a university student who works part-time at a convenience store. One day, he gets into a fight and kills the man accidentally. Meanwhile, Jang Nan-Gam (Son Suk-Ku) is a detective who is investigating the murder case committed by Lee Tang. 

Branding In Seongsu

Top Mystery-Thriller Korean Dramas of 2024

Network: U+mobiletv

Episodes: 8

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Thriller, Suspense

Cast: Kim Ji-Eun, Lomon, Yang Hye-Ji, Kim Ho Young

Synopsis: Kang Na Eon (Kim Ji-Eun) is the youngest marketing team leader. She started her journey as an executive and now she is known as a living legend in the marketing industry. So Eun Ho (Lomon) is an intern and known for his cute appearance. This is one of the top mystery-thriller Korean dramas of 2024.

Knight Flower

knight flower

Network: MBC

Episodes: 12

Genre: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Crime, Thriller

Cast: Lee Ha-Nee, Lee Jong-Won

Synopsis: Jo Yeo-Hwa (Lee Ha-Nee) is a widow and lives at in-laws house. She belongs to a noble family and barely gets to walk outside. Meanwhile, at night she secretly jumps over the walls and takes care of needy people. Jo Yeo-Hwa has been searching for her brother for the last 15 years.

Flex X Cop

flex x cop

Network: SBS

Episodes: 16

Genre: Crime, Investigation, Comedy

Cast: Ahn Bo-Hyun, Park Ji-Hyun, Kang Sang-Joon, Kim Shin-Bi, Kwak Si-Yang

Synopsis: Jin I-Soo (Ahn Bo-Hyun) is the son of a chaebol family. He loves thrillers and has a childish personality. Accidentally, he becomes a cop due to some unwanted circumstances. Lee Gang-Hyun (Park Ji-Hyun) is a veteran detective who leads a violent crime team.

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