‘TREAT NINGNING BETTER’: SM Entertainment Slammed For Mistreating aespa Member During Versace Event

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SM Entertainment is being slammed after staff was seen mistreating aespa Ningning at a Versace event in China. MYs are calling for the company to treat her better.

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SM Entertainment Staff Reportedly Mistreats aespa Ningning During Versace Event

On February 29, 2024, aespa Ningning appeared at the Versace Beijing SLT Event. The idol was named the fashion house’s global ambassador back in February 8.

During the event, Ningning sported a baby pink Versace dress, paired with a white Versace handbag. She paired her dress with matching pink heels.

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Her make-up matched her dress, with the idol sporting pinky eyeshadow, blush, and lip gloss. She styled her hair in a fashionable up-do that perfectly complimented her dress.

Though the idol earned praise for her visuals, the event experienced some setbacks. Following incidents that showed the staff supposedly mistreating Ningning, MYs are calling out SM Entertainment and demanding better treatment.

‘TREAT NINGNING BETTER’ Trends After aespa NingNing Allegedly Experienced Mistreatment

During the event, several attendees exposed SM Entertainment staff for mistreating Ningning and other people at the Versace store.

According to attendees, staff members screamed at onlookers who tried to take photos with their phones. They only permitted people with cameras to take photos, as they assumed they were media outlets and press.

However, it was noted that this rule was only enforced for Ningning and not the other celebrities in attendance.

Staff also declined VIP clients from taking photos with Ningning. Fans claimed this was a horrible move, as it is customary for ambassadors to network with the brand’s clientele. The staff members were accused of not taking Ningning’s role as an ambassador seriously.

It appears the staff also had a hard time communicating with the brand. People accused the agency of being irresponsible and taking Ningning’s contract with Versace for granted. They also claimed Ningning was seen standing in the corner of the store while she was being reprimanded by a staff member.

Further, fans claimed she had to take the earliest flight back to South Korea and return to Seoul by March 1, even though she was scheduled to stay in Beijing until May 2.

As a result, she was unable to rest and eat her favorite dish, peking duck.

When Ningning appeared at the airport, there were no arrival photos, with the company claiming she was not in a good state. The idol looked noticeably down during her arrival in Seoul.

This is not the first time SM Entertainment has been slammed for neglecting Ningning as Versace’s ambassador. It was noted that they were late to post photos of Ningning at Versace’s show for Milan Fashion Week.

Ningning attended the event on February 24, but SM Entertainment shared photos of her on February 26.

MYs are trending “TREAT NINGNING BETTER” to bring the mistreatment to the company’s attention, with some even emailing the company about their concerns. As Ningning has been an idol for four years now, they believe she deserves better treatment. MYs state she should be treated just as well as the other aespa members and should not be neglected again.

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