TRENDZ Comes Back With Their 3rd Single Album ‘STILL ON MY WAY’

TRENDZ returns with their 3rd single album STILL ON MY WAY. After concluding the story from their BLUE SET series with their previous release, Blue Set Chapter. New Dayz, the boys now embark on a new journey. Under the production lead of  LEEZ, who has been collaborating with  TRENDZ since BLUE SET Chapter. [UNKNOWN CODE], the new album, tells the story of the members running towards their dreams. 

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(Photo : Global H)

“During the whole process of making STILL ON MY WAY, we were excited and happy to create another layer of memories. Our title track “MY WAY” is an emotional song that will bring overwhelming feelings by listening to it, therefore, we hope everyone to be even happier when they’re happy, and feel better when they’re having a hard time just by listening to this song. Please look forward to TRENDZ’s growth during this promotion!” – TRENDZ

The album features 3 new songs touching upon subjects including passion, youth, hope, and energy. The first song, “ven conmingo,” with lyrics written by TRENDZ members HANKOOK, ra.L, and YECHAN, has a moombahton sound and carries the message of hope and moving forward. The title track, “MY WAY,” has a drum and bass sound with lyrics written by members ra.L and YECHAN. It describes the strong determination and perseverance they have towards following their own path. The final song, “O.Y.E,” is a medium-tempo pop track that is about finding your inner self and true value. HANKOOK, ra.L and YECHAN also participated in writing lyrics for this song. 

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