TVING Unveils 2024 Drama Content Lineup

A large number of original series in various themes and genres will be shown on TVING next year!

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Expect thrillers, fantasy stories, comedies, historical dramas, and school dramas in the robust roster of TVING.

A TVING official said, “If TVING has been creating unrivaled originality across mid-form and genres in entertainment over the past three years, this year will be the year in which it clearly demonstrates the competitiveness it has built so far. We hope for a lot of anticipation and interest as we have prepared a lineup of material and genre content.”

TVING’s New and Upcoming Dramas

First, the murder thriller A Bloody Lucky Day, is scheduled to be released on November 24. Depicting breathtaking suspense with the strongest ensemble of actors including Lee Sung Min, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Lee Jung Eun, the series attracted a lot of attention from audiences through this month’s Busan International Film Festival. It will be released globally through Paramount+ in the future.

In December, Death’s Game, a life-transition drama that crosses life and death over 12 episodes, will target the year-end season. Actors with a strong presence, including Seo In Guk, Park So Dam, Kim Ji Hoon, Choi Si Won, Sung Hoon, Kim Kang Hoon, Jang Seung Jo, Lee Jae Wook, Lee Do Hyun, Go Youn Jung, Kim Jae Wook, and Oh Jung Se, have announced their appearances. It will have a simultaneous release through Prime Video to cater to a global audience.

Death's Game

LTNS, which stars Esom and Ahn Jae Hong as a couple who have been married for five years without a home, children, or relationship. It highlights various genres such as action, chase, comedy and melodrama. It also garnered explosive interest at the last Busan International Film Festival with its honest and bold dialogue as well as realistic episodes, raising expectations for its future release.

Collaboration with Paramount+

Dramas that received early attention as partnership content between TVING and Paramount+ were also included in next year’s lineup. First, the Stranger spin-off Good or Bad Dongjae, which is considered the life drama of many people, has the obnoxious but unhateable character Seo Dong-jae as the main character, and Lee Joon Hyuk plays the titular role. In particular, Lee Soo-yeon, who wrote the original work, will participate as a creator, drawing attention to what kind of charms Seo Dong-jae will bring.

The action historical drama Queen Wu, which will feature a 24-hour chase for the throne, is also knocking on the global stage with the release of TVING. Jeon Jong Seo plays the role of Queen Wu Hee of Goguryeo, heralding the birth of a never-seen-before queen character, while brilliant actors such as Kim Mu Yeol, Ji Chang Wook, Jung Yu Mi, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Park Ji Hwan are confirmed in the main cast.

TVING Collaborates With Paramount+ To Expand Global Market Penetration

I Openly Dream of Cinderella depicts a 21st-century Cinderella throwing off her glass slippers and riding a white horse. This is a hybrid romantic comedy series about Shin Jae-rim (Pyo Ye Jin), a woman who decides to become Cinderella after hitting the wall of reality, and Moon Cha-min (Lee Jun Young), a tycoon prince who does not believe in love. It is expected to deliver emotion through laughter.

Pyramid Game is based on the school psychological thriller webtoon of the same name. Each person is graded through monthly voting. A second-year student at Baekyeon Girls’ High School became a sniper to end the game. Kim Ji-yeon has been chosen to play the role of Seong Soo-ji, who leads the rebellion, newcomers such as Jang Da-ah, Ryu Da-in, Kang Na-eon, Jeong Ha-dam, Shin Seul-gi, and Ha Yu-ri are expected to compete in the game.

Innovative Series

Innovative attempts such as romantic historical dramas and political dramas continue. Chunhwa Love Story is a romantic historical drama about Princess Hwari, the princess of her royal family, who goes out into the world and enjoys her free love in order to select her husband directly.

Go Ara is transforming into Princess Hwari who independently searches for love, she writes a youth romance narrative with Jang Ryul, Chan Hee, Son Woo Hyun, and Han Seung Yeon.

Running Mate, a cheerful political drama set against the backdrop of a student council president election, is the directorial debut of writer Han Jin-won, who won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay as a co-screenwriter of the film Parasite with director Bong Joon-ho.

It attracted attention after being invited to the last Busan International Film Festival.  It tells the story of Sehun, a model student who enters the school student council election as a running mate to revamp his image, and gradually becomes a key player in the election.

Additionally, Shark: The Beginning, which was reborn as a TVING original movie from the original webtoon in 2021, will now be unveiled as the original series Shark: The Storm. Kim Min Seok plays the role of Cha Woo-sol, a victim of school violence and world-mixed martial arts champion. Lee Hyun Wook is chosen to play the role of Hyun Woo-yong, the gangster boss.

tvN x TVING Collaboration

Because I Want No Loss is a romance story top-billed by romantic comedy masters Shin Min Ahh and Kim Young Dae. The series tells the story of a man and a woman forced to marry because of their urgent circumstances. The woman had a fake wedding because she didn’t want to lose money and the man agreed to become a fake groom because he did not want to give.

Because I Want No Loss

Jung Ryeo Won and Wi Ha Jun pair up in Graduation. The series unfolds a secret and sweet real-life romance between a veteran academy instructor and a cheeky student who returns after 10 years and stirs her heart. It is highly anticipated simply because it is the new work of director Ahn Pan-suk, who created melodramatic masterpieces such as Something in the Rain, One Spring Night, and Secret Love Affair. Expectations are focused on the secret midnight romance that begins when the lights go out in the Daechi-dong Academy district.


Cha Joo Young and Lee Hyun Wook take on their first attempt at a historical drama in Wongyeong, which recreates the marital relationship and life of Wongyeongng and Lee Bang-won, who were passionately in love and in fierce conflict, from a new perspective. It is a work that depicts the fiery life journey of Queen Wongyeong, the kingmaker who made her husband Lee Bang-won the third king of Joseon and the co-founder of the royal power who rose to power with him, without losing herself despite her devastating betrayal and harsh reality. It sheds light on Queen Wongyeong, who lived an independent life.


TVING has currently built a content lineup of approximately 160,000 episodes, including approximately 6,000 popular original/exclusive episodes and movies/entertainment/drama/documentaries. The company plans to continue our unrivaled content competitiveness through the library.

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