TWICE Chaeyoung’s Face Recently

 TWICE’s One Spark
It has similar vibes to Feel Special and Talk That Talk, please show a lot of love.

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I think it’s the style that suits her perfectly


1. [+192][-9] But Chaeyoung has always been pretty, hasn’t she?

2. [+128][-5] She has always been pretty, it’s just that her looks don’t quite match the group’s conceptㅠㅠㅠ If only she had come out with a concept like ITZY, she would’ve suited it well.

3. [+102][-7] Wasn’t it Jihyo who originally said that Chaeyoung was really pretty from her trainee days and was in charge of visuals? Many people say she’s really beautiful when you see her in person.

4. [+99][-8] She’s been consistently beautiful since before her debut, always looking good. As you know, during Sixteen, she was a hot topic with her black hair, red lips, and catchy rap lyrics. So I thought she would be the most popular member in her group. Even in the very early days of her debut, she stood out in the B-side tracks and seemed to fit well with the TWICE concept, but at some point, she became less visible. She didn’t gain weight or anything… She’s a consistently pretty girl without any ups and downs. Sometimes, I wish that she would be more ambitious to make her presence stands out even more. On top of that, she has a lot of tattoos… It’s not a sin to get tattoos, but in terms of the idol image, especially for girl groups, it’s still not seen favorably, right? No one can’t stop her from doing what she wants with her body, but as a fan, it’s a bit regretful, especially she’s currently at the age where she’s the most  beautiful. Other members get attention and become hot topic everytime they make a comeback, but Chaeyoung doesn’t, so it’s a shame. She’s been a member that I’ve watched with affection since before her debut, so my explanation is quite long, but anyway, she has always been beautiful. She’s not just pretty these days; she’s been consistently pretty since before her debut!

5. [+88][-7] Chaeyoung has always been pretty ㅠㅠ It’s just that suddenly, they tried many different things on her… She looks prettiest with black hair.

6. [+74][-3] Her looks improved after breaking up with her tattooed boyfriend.

7. [+55][-1] She’s glowing after breaking up with her boyfriend.

8. [+50][-1] It’s not that Chaeyoung has just finally found the style that suits her perfectly, but rather, she’s almost always rejecting them ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+34][-0] Wow, she finally came out with a Cool-Winter style. My eyes are blessed.

10. [+30][-3] Chaeyoung’s Instagram has a unique vibe, I really like it.