TWICE Dahyun Rumoured to Lead in Korean Adaptation of Beloved Taiwanese Film You Are the Apple of My Eye

TWICE Dahyun is set to make her mark in the Korean film industry as she takes on the role of the female lead in the upcoming remake of the beloved romance film You Are the Apple of My Eye. Reportedly confirmed by Xportnews, Dahyun’s casting as the equivalent of Shen Chia-yi in the Korean adaptation marks a significant step in her acting career.

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The original film, released in Taiwan in 2011 and directed by Giddens Ko, garnered immense popularity, becoming the third-highest-grossing film of the year. Known for its heartfelt portrayal of youthful love, the story follows the journey of Ko Ching-teng, a troublemaker at school, and Shen Chia-yi, an honour student, as their relationship blossoms from friendship to something deeper.

Dahyun’s venture into acting has been gaining attention, particularly after her recent announcement regarding her role in the independent feature film Sprint. In this movie she will showcase her versatility by portraying an athlete, adding a new dimension to her burgeoning acting repertoire. With her talent and charm, she is poised to captivate audiences in her portrayal of Shen Chia-yi, bringing her own unique interpretation to the beloved character.

This casting decision reflects the industry’s recognition of Dahyun’s potential as a multifaceted performer. As a member of the globally renowned girl group TWICE, Dahyun has already established herself as a versatile artist with her skills in singing, dancing, and now, acting. Her involvement in the Korean remake of You Are the Apple of My Eye is expected to generate significant anticipation among fans, eager to see her shine in this new role.

As production for the remake begins, anticipation builds among audiences eager to see Dahyun’s talent shine on the big screen, revitalizing a timeless story of love and adolescence. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation from JYP or TWICE about her role yet.

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