TWICE Dahyun to Make Acting Debut Alongside Ha Seok Jin in Heartwarming Sports Film ‘Sprint’ — Here’s What We Know

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In an exciting development for K-pop and Korean cinema enthusiasts, TWICE’s Dahyun is set to mark her acting debut alongside renowned actor Ha Seok Jin in the upcoming film “Sprint.”

The movie, directed by Lee Seung Hoon, promises a compelling narrative filled with heartwarming moments and athletic triumphs.

New Film “Sprint” to Feature Star-Studded Cast in Heartwarming Sports Drama

According to a report by Sports DongA,, Dahyun received an offer to star in “Sprint,” an independent feature film with a working title of “Sprint.”

A representative from JYP Entertainment confirmed the news, stating, “She has been cast for the project, and she is preparing for filming.”

“Sprint” is not just another sports film; it delves deep into the human spirit and aspirations. Director Lee Seung Hoon aims to capture the essence of relentless pursuit and the resilience of those who chase their dreams against all odds.

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Ha Seok Jin as Kang Goo Young

Ha Seok Jin, known for his versatile acting skills, will portray the character Kang Goo Young. Kang Goo Young is a former track star who made history by breaking Korea’s 100-meter track record after three decades. However, as time passes, he grapples with the challenges of aging in a competitive world, questioning the choices that led him to this point in life.

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Adding to the stellar cast is rising star Lee Shin Young, who will take on the role of Seung Yeol, a passionate sprinter with a unique journey of his own. Despite initially aiming for a different sport, Seung Yeol discovers his true calling on the track, finding solace and purpose in every stride.

OSEN’s report revealed that filming for “Sprint” is scheduled to commence in May, promising audiences a captivating cinematic experience filled with emotional depth and gripping performances