TWICE Jihyo & Jeon Somi’s Steamy Lip-Kiss Raises Eyebrows— Must See

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In a recent video featuring K-Pop soloist Jeon Somi and TWICE’s Jihyo, a momentary sensation has stirred up intrigue among netizens. The footage, released approximately 14 hours ago, shows the two idols engaged in what seems to be a shared kiss on the lips.

Before embarking on her solo career with YG Entertainment’s THEBLACKLABEL, Jeon Somi had been a part of JYP Entertainment and notably participated in the reality girl group survival shows SIXTEEN and Produce 101. Despite not debuting with TWICE, she forged close bonds with the group’s members.

A Startling Moment

As both Somi and Jihyo concurrently promoted their respective comebacks with “Fast Forward” and “Killin’ Me Good,” they naturally convened to collaborate on TikTok dance challenges.

A behind-the-scenes video of Jihyo’s promotional activities captured a moment where the two were practicing choreography together before commencing filming.

However, it was during a specific take of the “Killin’ Me Good” dance challenge that netizens were taken aback by an unexpected occurrence – what appeared to be a spontaneous kiss shared between Somi and Jihyo on the lips. This unforeseen incident promptly became the talk of the town.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “the kissed was connected. lol it only means that their friendship is real and deep already”
  • “their bond is so GENUINE and they really are family. I don’t care what other people say, TWICE makes my day positive and brighter.”
  • “why is it always somi who kisses girls on the lips like”
  • “I can’t believe they did that! It definitely caught everyone’s attention”
  • “I can’t stop watching the video, it’s so intense”

While the footage undeniably suggests an intimate moment between the two K-Pop stars, some cautious voices have arisen.

Skeptics argue that the seemingly romantic exchange might be a mere trick of camera angles, attributing the illusion to clever positioning rather than genuine affection. The debate rages on as fans and onlookers attempt to unravel the mystery behind this unexpected turn of events.

Meanwhile,In a recent,TWICE Jihyo was criticized for her alleged “flop” solo debut and was compared to her co-member Nayeon. ONCEs were quick to jump to the idol’s defense.