TWICE Jihyo Reveals Tearful Truth Behind Her Shocking Runaway Journey as Trainee: “I rebelled for the first time”

In her candid revelation, TWICE’s Jihyo opens up about a poignant chapter from her life as a K-Pop trainee, shedding light on a deeply personal experience that shaped her journey to stardom.

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TWICE Jihyo’s journey to stardom was anything but effortless. She courageously shared the poignant episode that compelled her to escape her home, a deeply concealed secret she had harbored for an extended period. 

A Desperate Escape

While reminiscing with her parents and leafing through a photobook from her early years, Jihyo unveiled a painful truth: she had come close to making her debut even before the reality show Sixteen aired, but the opportunity was abruptly snatched away.

The disappointment and heartache she felt were so overwhelming that she, in her own words, “rebelled for the first time,” leaving her family home without a word and staying away for a considerable period.

The conversation between Jihyo and her mother provided insight into the emotional toll this episode had taken on her. Her mother acknowledged that those were trying times for their family, particularly for Jihyo, who had ventured into uncharted territory.

In Jihyo’s account, her rebellion was a momentary escape from the relentless pressure of her training regimen.

Convinced that her debut dreams were shattered, she sought solace in the distance, ultimately finding herself at her aunt’s house. The weight of her emotions was such that she couldn’t even recollect how she had arrived there.

This episode was but a brief deviation in her journey, a manifestation of the immense stress she had accumulated over years of rigorous training.


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Following this turbulent phase, Jihyo faced another pivotal decision – whether to participate in the Sixteen competition. Ultimately, her choice to participate marked a watershed moment in her career.

Despite the multitude of challenges and uncertainties she faced along her journey, Jihyo’s steadfast determination and exceptional talent propelled her to the forefront of the K-Pop scene.

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