TWICE Mina and Chaeyoung show off their perfect visuals in their journalist pictures attending the Rokh H&M event

TWICE Mina and Chaeyoung’s journalist pictures attending the Rokh H&M event

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1. Wow Mina, beige suits her so well

2. Mina looks classy and perfect in beige

3. Chaeyoung is so pretty

4. Mina really doesn’t age, I feel like she just doesn’t change. I think she’s had that face and aura since she debuted

5. Both are so pretty. Their faces are exactly my style

6. Michaeng is crazy

7. Both are cool in completely different ways

8. Chaeyoung has great facial features

9. Michaeng’s beauty is crazy

10. The fact that these two are in the same group is amazing

11. Is Mina a princess?

12. These two have great chemistry

13. Mina is seriously so pretty, the light beige color tone looks so classy

14. They are so pretty

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