TWICE Mina Leaves ONCEs Breathless With Glamorous Pictorial For Harper’s Bazaar: ‘She’s Breathtaking Indeed’

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Mina has stunned the ONCE fandom with her elegant visuals and captivating vibe in her newest pictorial for Harper’s Bazaar.

Here’s what they’re saying about TWICE’s graceful “Black Swan.”

 TWICE Mina Leaves ONCEs Breathless With Glamorous Pictorial For Harper's Bazaar: 'She's Breathtaking Indeed'
(Photo : Twitter)

TWICE Mina Stuns In Pictorial For Harper’s Bazaar Japan, ONCEs Swoon Over Idol’s Photos & Clips Online

Mina has always caught the attention of ONCEs due to her incredible talent, poise, and introverted personality. However, she has also gained buzz for her gorgeous visuals, which were showcased more in her newest photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar Japan.

On social media platform X (Twitter), netizens and fans were awestruck by Mina’s visuals. 

On April 19, Harper’s Bazaar Japan released a promotional clip regarding Mina’s photoshoot. The clip showed Mina flaunting her goddess-like appearance, which was accompanied by her trendy styling and th shooting location’s aesthetics.


Earlier on April 12, Harper’s Bazaar also uploaded Mina’s front cover for the magazine in its upcoming June issue, which was released on April 19.

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Here’s how netizens reacted to the clip and front cover:

  • “Breathtaking as always Miss Myoui.”
  • “She’s on fire! Gorgeous Mina and Fendi are truly something else. Great to see her on the cover of the magazine again.”
  • “Mina my love, you look so gorgeous, stunning as always.”
  • “Beautiful, gorgeous, elegant, sophisticated, model Mina is on another level.”
  • “Fendi and Mina go so well together. It’s actually perfection.”
  • “Mina was seriously born to be a model and fashion cover girl.”
  • “The way Mina embodies the vibe of the photoshoot, brilliant!
  • “Mina is definitely a masterpiece, a work of art. How is she so breathtakingly beautiful in this video. I watched this video millions of times, but I’m still captivated by her beauty.”
  • “I cannot wait to see her in drama/movie. We need more of this Mina x FENDI.”
  • “Words can never be enough to describe Myoui Mina she’s just way too beautiful from her appearance to her whole existence literally in everything she does.”
  • “Mina x Fendi is such a blessing they’re perfect for each other and complement each other so well.”
  • “Mina’s the embodiment of the word ethereal.”

What was your reaction to Mina’s newest photos and clips for Harper’s Bazaar Japan? Let us know in the comments below!

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