TWICE Nayeon Copied BLACKPINK Jennie’s Style? ONCEs Defend Idol

On social media platforms, TWICE Nayeon was accused of copying BLACKPINK Jennie after overlapping outfits’ styles.

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Did TWICE Nayeon Copy BLACKPINK Jennie’s Iconic ‘Fit in Lee Hyori’s ‘Red Carpet’?

On February 16, the two global K-pop stars made a buzz on Instiz and Instagram after fans and internet users noticed the similar outfits that they wore.

When Nayeon was then accused of plagiarizing Jennie’s style, ONCEs, TWICE fandom, were quick to jump to her defense.

TWICE Nayeon Copied BLACKPINK Jennie's Style? ONCEs Defend Idol
(Photo : Nayeon, Jennie (Instagram | Theqoo))

In particular, the discussion started when a fan account on Instagram posted a reel featuring TWICE Nayeon in a red-themed outfit.

In the video, it was seen that she’s wearing a mini skirt & one-shoulder top embroidered with flowers and faux fur, partnered with mesh stockings and high-heel sandals.

To complete the look, Nayeon then had the half-up hairstyle, looking stunning overall.

Upon uploading it, the “Fancy” singer earned praises from fans, emphasizing how pretty she is in red, and that her gorgeousness stood out even more in such an outfit.

A post shared by instagram

Unfortunately, the supposed post filled with rave reviews and praises for Nayeon was infiltrated by BLINKs (BLACKPINK fans) who called out the idol for having a similar outfit as Jennie.

Earlier in January, Jennie made an appearance at Lee Hyori’s show, “Red Carpet,” where she went viral for her legendary visuals and iconic white outfit.

Looking at her clothing, BLINKs are sure that Nayeon’s stylist made a reference to it and criticized the idol for copying Jennie.

BLACKPINK Jennie Reveals REASON She Didn't Sign Individual Contract With YG
(Photo : Jennie (SPOTV News))

Jennie’s fans left mean comments to TWICE Nayeon such as:

  • “Copying Jennie’s style.”
  • “I’m not a BLINK, but this is so Jennie.”
  • “Girl, is that outfit inspired by Jennie?”
  • “Jennie addict.”
  • “Again, she looks like Jennie. Let’s copy her and be proud of yourself.”
  • “Why is Nayeon always copying Jennie’s style?”
  • “I feel sick when I see her face.”
  • “TWICE still has this obsession.”
  • “TWICE is really no good. There are a lot of other things besides this, but their coordi is really still lacking. These days, even though they are similar, they are wearing it in a way that is not too obvious. But why does TWICE seem to be copy-pasting everything? They don’t even look prettier.”

ONCEs Defend TWICE Nayeon

(Photo : theqoo)

Upon seeing the hateful comments to Nayeon, her supporters especially ONCEs (TWICE fandom) jumped to her defense, stating that Jennie’s outfit style was not that unique, as it was an ongoing trend in the fashion scene.

Fans stated that the lace mesh is particularly hard to style, and the clothes that they both wore are how the material is usually worn, so seeing it as similar is inevitable.

However, fans disagreed that Nayeon copied Jennie, claiming that this was not the first time she showcased such styling. In fact, last year, Nayeon also wore a similar outfit in black.

Fortunately, other BLINKs also helped in defending Nayeon and told their co-fans to stop pitting the two stars against each other, as they both slayed the ‘fits.

TWICE Nayeon Copied BLACKPINK Jennie's Style? ONCEs Defend Idol
(Photo : Nayeon, Jennie (SpoTV))

In addition to this, Jennie and Nayeon were also known to be close friends, thus, seeing their fans compare them will be heartbreaking for them.

  • “I am a BLINK, but not everything is about BLACKPINK and Jennie.”
  • “Can we stop comparing two idols?”
  • “But this is a style that is commonly worn as a stage costume.”
  • “I also saw this, but I believe that they just give off the same vibe wearing different outfits.”
  • “Lace mesh isn’t common, so it must have looked that way.”
  • “But, that’s the trendy style these days.”
  • “Don’t use Jennie to hate on other gorgeous ladies.”