TWICE Nayeon Reportedly Wins Debt Lawsuit Against Mother’s Ex-Boyfriend

JYP Entertainment released an official statement following reports that TWICE Nayeon won the debt legal battle against her mother’s ex-boyfriend. 

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TWICE Nayeon Wins Debt Lawsuit Worth $454k Against Mother’s Past Lover

On September 19, TWICE Nayeon was embroiled in a lawsuit against her mother’s ex-boyfriend over 600 million won ($454k) debt that the idol allegedly received as a “loan” prior to her debut.

According to Sports Chosun, Mr. A, Nayeon’s mother’s old friend, filed the lawsuit, asking Nayeon to pay back the huge amount “borrowed” from him from 2004 to 2016.

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TWICE Nayeon

According to the ruling, Mr. A remitted about KRW 535.9 million ($405k) to Nayeon for 12 years and it was found that Nayeon and her mother paid $87.4k using Mr. A’s credit card for six years from March 2009 to February 2015.

The lawsuit was filed against the mother and daughter in January last year and during the trial, A narrated:

“At the request of Nayeon’s mother at the time, I lent necessary funds such as living expenses. They promised to pay back the money when Nayeon, who was a trainee, debuted as a singer, but Nayeon broke her promise.”

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According to legal circles on September 19, the 13th Civil Affairs Department (Director Choi Yong Ho) of the Seoul Eastern District Court ruled that Mr. A lost the loan suit filed against Nayeon and her mother.

Although the court acknowledged that Nayeon and her mother received the amount for 12 years, the court refused to acknowledge that it was “borrowed.”

There is no evidence to recognize it as a loan. Given the number, period, amount, and circumstances of the money transactions, it is difficult to say that A and Nayeon agreed to return it.

A also claims to the effect that Nayeon would return the money if she debuted as a singer, so it is difficult to see all the money as a loan.”

Mr. A did not appeal after losing the first trial.

JYP Entertainment Releases Official Statement Regarding TWICE Nayeon’s Debt Lawsuit

TWICE Nayeon

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TWICE Nayeon

In this regard, Nayeon’s agency JYP Entertainment briefly stated:

“The ruling has already been finalized and closed, and there is nothing else to say as it has nothing to do with the artist’s entertainment activities.”

The company then warned of malicious issues that may arise based on the report.

“However, we will take firm legal action against the issue of defaming or insulting the artist through speculative writings.”

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TWICE Nayeon

Nayeon, who is 27, debuted in October 2015 as a member of TWICE under JYP Entertainment. In July last year, she released her solo debut song, “Pop!”

Currently, attention is also focused on Nayeon’s family, which includes her father, mother, younger sister, and Ji Yoon Seo, a member of the group EVNNE. He is the idol’s maternal cousin who is about to debut today on the 19th.

Earlier, Nayeon revealed through an entertainment program in the past that her father and comedian Kim Kook Jin are friends.