TWICE Nayeon was praised for holding a special photo booth event with fans at her solo comeback showcase

TWICE Nayeon’s showcase made fans crazy in real time

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“Nayeon took the time to take photos of all the fans one by one after the showcase”

“After the showcase, Nayeon took photos with ONCEs ㅠㅠ”

1. Seriously, she’s so pretty and I’m so jealous of those fans

2. Hul I’m so jealous…

3. It’s a beautiful memory and fans will definitely live with that memory and gain strength every time they look at that photo ㅠㅠ

4. I wonder how many fans took photos with her

5. Wow, she’s crazy, she’s so kind

6. The effort she took to take all the photos with her fans is amazing

7. Taking photos with 190 fans must’ve taken so long

8. Hul this is crazy

9. Wow daebak….. I also want to take a photo with Nayeon…

10. I thought it was a photo frame cut out of her but she took photos with fans

11. I’m so jealous because I couldn’t even go to the fansign

12. The things she does for her fans are amazing

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