TWICE Sana Reveals Shocking Details of Her Extreme Diet During Trainee Days — ‘I Couldn’t Believe What I Had to Do’

In a recent video collaboration with Kim Jin Young from “Single’s Inferno,” TWICE’s Sana provided valuable insights into the often grueling experiences faced by trainees in the demanding world of K-Pop.

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Sana, renowned for her captivating beauty and impeccable proportions, delved into the extreme lengths that she and fellow trainees would go to in order to adhere to the strict weight requirements imposed by entertainment companies within the K-Pop industry.

Extreme Measures: Sana’s Shocking Diet of Eight Cherry Tomatoes a Day

During the video, Sana offered a candid glimpse into her dietary habits during her trainee days.

She revealed a stark reality that many idols confront: the need to consume meals covertly, a practice enforced due to the stringent dietary regulations set by K-Pop companies.

TWICE, operating under the banner of JYP Entertainment, has been an advocate for openness about such issues in the past.


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Despite her natural beauty, Sana disclosed a period in her career when stress-related weight gain became a concern.

This led her to resort to extreme measures to shed those extra pounds, and she shared the shocking revelation of surviving on a mere eight cherry tomatoes a day during that challenging phase.

“At one point, I survived on just eight cherry tomatoes a day,” Sana candidly admitted.

Sana’s Empowering Journey: Overcoming Extreme Dieting in K-Pop

Fortunately, Sana emphasized that she has moved past those harsh dieting practices.

She now maintains a healthier approach to her eating habits and exercises personal control without succumbing to external pressures.

She firmly declared, “I personally controlled myself after my debut, asserting, ‘Don’t meddle with my business!'”


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The issue of body weight and appearance remains a prominent and sensitive topic within the K-Pop industry.

However, with increasing courage, more idols are coming forward to share their experiences and illuminate the often unforgiving standards and pressures that trainees and artists face, contributing to a broader conversation about body image and well-being in the entertainment world.


TWICE Sana Reveals Ideal Type, What She Despises Most With Guys

On the other hand, Sana, who has spent eight years in the idol industry, candidly discussed her ideal type and the type of guy she dislikes the most.


(Photo : Instagram|@m.by__sana)

This revelation adds another layer to Sana’s personality and experiences as an idol, showcasing her openness and honesty about various aspects of her life.