TWICE Secures First-Ever #1 in Billboard 200 + Joins THESE Two Global Girl Groups in Feat

TWICE has achieved another feat in their career with their 13th mini album “With YOU-th,” which dominated Billboard 200.

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TWICE’s ‘With YOU-th’ Becomes Group’s First Album to Secure #1 on Billboard 200

TWICE is leveling up their game in the K-pop scene!

(Photo : Facebook: TWICE)

On March 3, Billboard officially shared that TWICE had secured the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart with 13th mini album “With YOU-th.”

Music data provider Luminate revealed that “With YOU-th” made its debut on the Billboard 200 by garnering a total of 90,000 equivalent album sales.

TWICE, With YOU-th
(Photo : Facebook: TWICE)

These sales were determined for the week ending on February 29, and TWICE’s sales performance indicated the biggest U.S. sales week of any album this 2024. 

In the breakdown of its 90,000 album sales (traditional), it also included 4,500 streaming equivalent album units, alongside 6.33 million on-demand audio streams. Furthermore, “With YOU-th” also garnered 500 track equivalent album units during its first week of release.

TWICE, With YOU-th
(Photo : Facebook: TWICE)

This achievement led TWICE to become the overall third K-pop girl group to secure No. 1 on the Billboard 200, following groups such as BLACKPINK, who achieved the feat with “BORN PINK,” and NewJeans, who claimed the accomplishment with “Get Up.”

(Photo : Instagram)
NewJeans 'Get Up'
(Photo : Facebook: NewJeans)

Additionally, TWICE made another first in their career, since the group became the first K-pop girl group to chart four separate albums on Billboard 200’s Top 3. In the chart’s Top 10, TWICE has also landed five different albums.

TWICE, With YOU-th
(Photo : Facebook: TWICE)

Since their release of “MORE & MORE” in 2020, TWICE has charted numerous albums in the Billboard 200 such as “Eyes wide open,” “Taste of Love,” “Formula of Love: O+T =<3,” “BETWEEN 1&2,” and “READY TO BE,” solidifying their growing international presence.

ONCEs Ecstatic Over TWICE’s Accomplishment on Billboard 200

On the same day (March 3), ONCEs gathered in an online community to congratulate TWICE for their achievement. They expressed awe with TWICE for following BLACKPINK and NewJeans in the feat, and called out the haters who accused them of “flopping.”

Read their comments below:

  • “TWICE is so cool.”
  • “Congratulations, TWICE!”
  • “Congratulations twice!!! They’ve already achieved all the peaks and awards any group could want, but glad to see them continuing to be successful.”
  • “It’s almost pathological how some people love to claim the group sucks now, and cheer for their lack of wins any chance they can. I don’t get it. if you don’t like them, don’t comment.”
  • “Lots of haters. Come back when your 4th/5th gen faves last more than 7 years and are still as active as Twice are in their 9th year.”
  • “Congrats girlies, haters can stay mad!”

Congratulations to TWICE for this amazing achievement!

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