TWICE Tzuyu Reaction To Sana Falling Goes Viral — Check It Out Here!

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An old video of TWICE’s Sana falling is going viral due to Tzuyu’s adorable reaction!

Most fans know that Sana and Tzuyu are extremely close.In fact, they even have an adorable “ship” name due to their many cute moments together: SaTzu!

With their close sisterhood and unrelenting skinship, fans love to see the two TWICE members antics together.

Recently, a video from 2023 of the two went viral on social media.

TWICE Tzuyu Reaction To Sana Falling Garners Attention

Recently, ONCEs have resurfaced a clip of Sana while TWICE was embarking on their “READY TO BE” tour in 2023. The video is from the group’s June Seattle concert.

At the time, the girl group was performing their hit summer song, “Dance the Night Away.”

In the clip, Sana is seen at the center, performing her part after the first chorus. As she was stepping back to give way to Tzuyu, whose part was after hers, Sana tripped and fell right in the middle of the stage!

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Unable to control herself, Sana let out a loud yell that was amplified due to her microphone.

Tzuyu immediately reacted to Sana. For a second, she appeared concerned for Sana. However, after seeing she was okay, Tzuyu couldn’t help but burst out laughing, even covering her mouth as she tried to sing and laugh at the same time!

The audience could clearly hear Tzuyu’s laughter as she performed.

Seeing this, Sana also started laughing and was seen covering her mouth as she danced.

While Tzuyu may have laughed the hardest, she was not the only member seen chuckling at the incident. The other members were also seen smiling and holding back their laughs while Sana fell, but continued to perform professionally.

Netizens React to TWICE Tzuyu Laughing at Sana Falling

Even though it was an accident on stage, netizens couldn’t help but find humor in the members’ reactions, especially Tzuyu. Instead of being criticized, the video of Tzuyu has become a meme within the TWICE fandom. Additionally, due to this incident, TWICE proved that they do sing live during their concerts.

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Some comments read,

  • “Tzuyu went from panicking to holding back her laughter. I watched it 100 times already!”
  • “Sana is so quick; she stood up so quickly and laughed!”
  • “All the members were were laughing, and so were we!”
  • “Wow, Tzuyu laughed so clearly. You can tell they sing 100% live.”

What do you think of the situation? Tell us in the comments below!

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