TWICE Tzuyu Sparks Controversy by Changing Group’s Birthday Tradition With Simple Request

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In the fast-paced world of K-pop, maintaining traditions can be challenging, especially for a large group like TWICE, consisting of nine members.

Recently, Jihyo, TWICE’s leader, shared a touching story on Mono Tube’s channel that revealed how a single request from their youngest member, Tzuyu, transformed one of their cherished traditions.

A post shared by instagram

A post shared by instagram

As one of the most popular girl groups in the industry, TWICE’s schedule is packed with performances, recordings, and promotional activities. Keeping up with personal milestones such as birthdays can be tricky. Reflecting on this, Jihyo explained why they initially decided to forgo birthday gifts:

“We decided not to give birthday gifts because we are too busy and would feel sad if someone forgot,” said Jihyo.

Instead, they opted for a simpler and more inclusive way to celebrate each member’s special day:

“So, we agreed to just throw a birthday party instead of giving gifts.”

This approach allowed them to enjoy each other’s company without the pressure of remembering and preparing individual presents, which seemed like the perfect solution-until Tzuyu voiced a different sentiment.

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During one of their discussions, Tzuyu, born in 1999 and affectionately known as the group’s “maknae” or youngest member, expressed her desire to return to their old tradition of exchanging birthday gifts:

TWICE Tzuyu (Photo : Youtube (SS capture))

“One day, Tzuyu asked, ‘Can we go back to giving birthday gifts?'” Jihyo recounted.

Her request was simple yet powerful, highlighting her affection for her fellow members and her wish to celebrate their birthdays in a more personal and meaningful way. The reaction from the group was immediate and supportive.

“And we were like, ‘Yeah, why not! Let’s do it!'” Jihyo recalled with a smile.

Despite the logistical challenges, TWICE’s decision to resume gift-giving demonstrates the deep bond and mutual respect among the members.