TWICE’s Chaeyoung Boldly Reveals Tattoos on Her Body During Concert

Netizens express surprise at Chaeyoung’s tattoos

Chaeyoung has recently been impressing everyone with her trendy fashion style. She is also recognized as one of the K-pop idols with a cool and unique style.

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Recently, Chaeyoung became the talk of the town on social media as she comfortably showed off tattoos on her body during TWICE’s “Ready To Be” concert.

Chaeyoung possesses a trendy and unique fashion sense.

Specifically, at TWICE’s concert in London, Chaeyoung wore sexy outfits that revealed both of her arms adorned with tattoos. She confidently donned outfits like strapless dresses and plunging neckline tops to highlight her distinctive and unique tattoos.

Chaeyoung delighted her fans by flaunting her tattoos during the concert.

Notably, Chaeyoung is one of the few K-pop idols who have many tattoos and are unafraid to show them. Her self-assured attitude towards her body has earned her praise from the public.

Chaeyoung delighted her fans by flaunting her tattoos during the concert.

Previously, the idol also left many people in awe with a tattoo on her back that she personally designed.

Here are some netizen comments:

  • She’s so beautiful, these delicate tattoos look amazing!
  • Her tattoos are so artistic; I loved the one on her back too, it looks unique and beautiful.
  • I love how confident she is with her body; she doesn’t care what others say as long as she’s happy.
  • She has the best style in the group; her style is impressive, and she doesn’t hesitate to get tattoos, even though idols with tattoos can face a lot of prejudice.