TWICE’s Jihyo reportedly dating Olympic gold medalist/variety star Yun Sungbin

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Man, it’s been a hell of a run recently in Korean entertainment news, with the latest being TWICE member Jihyo is dating Olympic gold medalist and recent variety star (Physical 100) Yun Sungbin. The two have reportedly been a couple for a year.

According to the media outlet, Jihyo and Yoon Sung Bin live just 5 minutes away from each other and are known to enjoy dates by visiting each other’s homes.
According to tips from SWAY readers, Yoon Sungbin was seen going back and forth from Jihyo’s place, and they were seen engaging in natural displays of affection, indicating a comfortable and natural relationship.

They would notably be an I Live Alone couple since they both are cast members.

An entertainment industry insider who knows the two well commented, “Jihyo and Yoon Sung Bin are both exercise enthusiasts. Yoon Sung Bin taught Jihyo about exercise, and they bonded over their shared interests, quickly developing into a romantic relationship.”

A big disclaimer with this is that I have never heard of the media outlet SWAY before in my life, and there’s no evidence provided by them of their relationship at all, so this might be denied by the time I log on next.

Regardless, it’s being reported everywhere at the moment, and I think they match surprisingly well.