TWICE’s Sana expresses disappointment towards Nayeon “You appeared on DAY6’s Young K’s content first”

On June 6th, the YouTube channel “117” uploaded a video titled “What Vitamin Do You Take? I’m Im Nayeon C”. On that day, Nayeon appeared as a guest on Sana’s show.

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Sana expressed her emotions, “Nayeon is here to promote her solo album. My member appeared on my program. It’s so strange.” Nayeon added, “We usually cheer a lot from behind the scenes, but this is the first time one of our members is here to promote something on a member’s show.”

Sana asked Nayeon, “I saw you appeared on Young K’s content first. How did that happen?” Nayeon, taken aback, explained, “‘K Survival Story’ invited me first.

That day was the last episode of “Sana’s Fridge Interview”. Nayeon said “I came to decorate the last episode with our member” and smiled brightly. She also shared an anecdote, “In the past year, the most nervous I’ve been was when I had a schedule to sing alone while preparing for this album.”

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Nayeon continued, “The rookie Idols in front of me were very nervous. But I have years of experience, right? So I thought, they must be so nervous… What am I going to do…? And I started to get very nervous too… Suddenly, I felt like a rookie again. After all, I’m a rookie as a solo artist. Like this is my second solo album… So I started trembling a lot.”