Twinkling Watermelon Episode 1 Reactions: Eun-gyeol and Eun-ho’s Bond Makes Fans Emotional

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 1 Reactions: Twinking Watermelon Episode 1 premiered on September 25, 2023, on tvN network. The K-drama Twinking Watermelon or Sparkling Watermelon (반짝이는 워터멜론) is directed by Son Jong-hyun and written by Jin Soo-Wan. Ryeoun, Choi Hyun-wook, Seol In-ah and Shin Eun-soo will be appearing in the lead roles for the show. The show is expected to have a total of 16 episodes with a runtime of approximately 60 minutes each.

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A 15.6 billion won production and supply agreement for the show was signed by production companies Pan Entertainment and Studio Dragon on September 5, 2023. The show takes over tvN’s Monday & Tuesday 8:50 time slot previously occupied by My Lovely Liar.

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The story centres around a boy who is born and brought up by hearing-impaired parents. He is a model student by day and a gifted musician by night. However, one day he visits a mysterious musical instruments store and travels back in time to 1995. There, Eun-Gyeol meets Lee Chan, Choi Se-Kyung and Yoon Chung-A. He forms an unlikely bond with them and joins the band formed by his father named Watermelon Sugar. Meanwhile, Lee Chan has a crush on Choi Se-Kyung, who is known as the Cello Goddess of Seowon Arts High School, and tries to win her heart.

In the new episode, we get to see a Eun-yeol’s life getting raised by parents who have a hearing impairment. He acts like the voice of the house for better communication with everyone else. A backstory of him and his family is also shown extensively. Moreover, his brother also shares the same fate as his parents and helps us understand their unique sibling dynamic.

As usual, fans took to social media platforms to discuss the new episode. Everyone is very excited to watch their favourite actors take on a unique role. Moreover, they are glad that the show is inclusive of the people who are visually and auditory impaired. However, they are the most excited about the two brother’s adorable antics and undeniable bond. The fans cannot wait to watch the new episode.

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Twinking Watermelon Episode 1 is now streaming on tvN. Did you watch the episode yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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