Twinkling Watermelon Kdrama Cast Stills: Ryeoun is Caught in a Mysterious Web of Time Slips, Familial Chaos and Everything in Between

18 Again alumni, Ryeoun, is back to star in yet another Korean series with the time travel theme in tvN’s Twinkling Watermelon Kdrama (반짝이는 워터멜론) (also known as Sparkling Watermeloni). Joining him on this chaotic journey, Choi Hyun-wook, Seol In-ah and Shin Eun-soo are the other three main cast members of the fantasy coming of age romance drama series directed by Son Jong-hyun and Yoo Beom-sang.

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Written by Jin Soo-wan, the series has been developed by Studio Dragon, and with its premiere date only a few days away, tvN has been dropping numerous teaser, stills and previews to keep us in the loop while counting down the days to D-day.

Twinkling Watermelon Kdrama Stills : Ryeoun

The series is centres around Ryeoun’s character, Eun-gyeol, the only hearing member in a family of deaf people. Though a model student in the morning, he also shares love for music in his double life as a guitarist in a band at night. On chancing upon a mysterious musical instruments store, supposedly a portal, he ends up traveling back in time to the year 1995. There he meets his young high-school attending father Lee Chan, played by a cheerful Choi Hyun-wook, his mother Yoon Cheong-ah, as as Shin Eun-soo dons a cold persona to play this characters, and Seol In-ah’s Choi Se-kyung, the “cello goddess of Seowon Arts High School” and an elegant beauty.

Even from the first look of the initially released trailers, the show appears to be an engrossing topsy-turvy mashup of the 1985 American movie Back to the Future, and the K-dramas 18 Again and Twenty Five Twenty One. Plus, the fact that Ryeoun starred in the former series, while Hyun-wook played a significant role in the latter was yet another intriguing cause of attraction for the audience already ready to tune into the series this September.

On September 19, 2023, tvN’s social media profile again released a few more stills of the upcoming K-drama featuring the main cast of the show. So far, the previews hint at Lee Chan falling for the wrong girl, i.e. Se-kyung, whom Eun-gyeol calls his aunt. In his attempts to confront his father about the same, he demands him to right the wrong and reach out to Cheong-ah instead, whom he has no idea about. While stuck in 1995, Eun-gyeol will also partake in music activities with his newly formed band called “Watermelon Sugar”.

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Check Out the Twinkling Watermelon Kdrama Stills

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You will find more stills of the Twinkling Watermelon cast on tvN’s Instagram profile. The K-drama will start airing on tvN on September 25, 2023, with new episodes releasing every Monday-Tuesday at 8:50 PM KST. The episodes will subsequently stream on Viki in select regions as well.

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