Twinkling Watermelon Korean Drama Review (2023)

Review: Twinkling Watermelon Korean Drama 2023

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Network:  TVING tvN

Episode: 16

Genre:  Romance, Youth, Drama, Fantasy, Music, Time travel

Aired: Sep 25, 2023 – Nov 14, 2023

Aired Days: Monday and Tuesday

Grade: A++

How would you feel when you are the sound of your family, and when they talk through you to the world?? When you suddenly travel back in time?? When you find out that things were not the same from the beginning???

“You connect the world filled with sounds with the world of silence, using your voice and hands. And at times, like you through music.”

Mr. Viva

Twinkling Watermelon Korean Drama tells the story of a CODA (Child of a dead adult) who loves playing guitar. Once he traveled back in time to 1995 and met his parents who were the same age as him. He came to know about their hardships and tried to help them to overcome those hardships and misfortune.

Main Characters:

Ryeoun as Ha Eun-gyeol

Jung Hyeon-jun plays the role of young Eun-gyeol. His whole family is deaf and makes his parents proud he is a perfect child and student. But deep down he is very fond of music and secretly learning music from childhood.

Choi Hyun-wook as Ha Yi-chan

Choi Hyun-wook as Ha Yi-chan

Choi Won-young plays the role of 46-year-old Yi-chan who is the father of Ha Eun-gyeol. Young Yi-chan can hear and is leaving with her grandmother who runs a guest house. Despite all the bad things that happened in his life he is full of positive energy with cheerful character.

Seol In-ah as Choi Se-kyung / On Eun-yoo

Choi Se-kyung: Lee So-yeon plays the role of 46-year-old Choi Se-kyung. She is cello goddess of Seowon Arts High School in the year 1995 and is rude and cold because of her parent’s history. At present, she is living in her biological father’s house with her daughter On Eun-yoo.

On Eun-yoo: She is a copy of her mother when she was of her age. Her parents got divorced, she lost her friend, and now wants to give up on cello.

Shin Eun-soo as Yoon Cheong-ah

Seo Young-hee plays the role of 46-year-old Yoon Cheong-ah who is the mother of Ha Eun-gyeol. Young Yoon Cheong-ah was born deaf and when her mother left her in childhood his father bought someone to take care of her. That lady didn’t allow her to use and learn sign language so that makes her isolated and left with no friends.

Highlights of Twinkling Watermelon Korean Drama


Ha Eun-gyeol moved with his parents and older brother into a rented house and the son of the landlord always harassed him. Everything is going tough but a person came into his life like a ray of light that is Mr. Viva ( biological father of Choi Se-kyung) who helped him and taught him how to play guitar. Later he gave him a task and promised him if he did a good job then he would give him his favourite guitar. But Mr. Viva died due to some health issus and later his daughter gave him that guitar.

Ideal Student:

He is the topper of the class and his father brage about him a lot in his friend’s group. He has always been there for his family and brother, he even learned taekwondo with him. But one thing dragged him towards it and it is music. He started playing two lives one is of ideal student in daylight and one is of guitarist in a band at night. Soon his father finds out and they both fight and Ha Eun-gyeol decides to give up on music.

Turning Point:

Ha Eun-gyeol wanted to leave music so he decided to sell his guitar then he saw a shop named “Viva La Vida”. Owner the of the shop gave him money and a voucher in case he wanted his guitar back. He wished him luck for his journey and Ha Eun-gyeol ended up in year 1995 where he met his parents. The shocking thing for him was that his father was not deaf at that point in time.


Ha Yi-chan liked Choi Se-kyung so he proposed to her and she put a condition that he had to form a band and sing for her at school festivals. She chose the most difficult song before the festival she left for the US for her further studies. He formed the group but needed a guitarist luckily Eun-gyeol met him exact time and became part of the band. Ha Yi-chan provided him home and food in return he will help him with learning guitar and studies.

Rescue Father:

Twinkling Watermelon Korean Drama Review (2023)

After reaching in the year 1995 Ha Eun-gyeol tried his best to avoid a accident which changed his father’s life. His father met with an accident and lost his hearing. Ha Eun-gyeol failed in doing that but he changed his father’s perspective of taking life.

Rescue Mother:

Her mother is a child of a rich family but was always harassed by a caretaker who wants to overtake her father’s business and make his child the next heir. Her father didn’t know about this because he always remained out of town but Ha Eun-gyeol told him the truth, taught her mother sign language, and helped her to make friends.


Ha Eun-gyeol wants his dad to love his mother but On Eun-yoo wants her mother to marry her first love instead of his father. She thought Ha Yi-chan was her mother’s first love so she played the role of her mother in 1995, but later realised she was wrong. Ha Eun-gyeol tries to flirt with On Eun-yoo to keep her away from his father but they fall for each other.


On Eun-yoo also wants to give up on the cello so she goes to sell the cello and ends up in the year 1995 to help Ha Eun-gyeol. Initially, they mistook each other but when they know they both are from the future On Eun-yoo helped him. This help is sent by the Viva La Vida shop owner, Mr. Viva and he wants to give a chance to both of their favorite kids.

Changed Future:

He didn’t avoid the misfortune but he changed lots of things. His father earlier cut all the ties with his friends and with his wife he is running a restaurant but now he is CEO of guitar making company and enjoying life with his friends and family. Earlier her mother told her kids that she doesn’t have any family but now they are living with her father. Lots of good things happened.

Overall Thoughts on Twinkling Watermelon Korean Drama

If enjoyed Korean dramas like Hello Me ! (2021) and 18 Again (2020) then this drama is for you. It has love, romance, comedy, fantasy and music. One thing I like the most about this drama is it has a sad ending in the past (1995) but it has a perfect ending in the present (2023).

One lesson you can take from the this drama is when bad things happen it okay to feel sad but after feeling all sad come back stronger like a warrior.

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