Two actresses who are currently under consideration for roles in “The Price of Confession,” a film that was initially set to be starred by Song Hye-kyo and Han So-hee


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Jeon Do-yeon & Kim Ji-won

Even after the main cast and the PD stepped down, it seems they are proceeding with the project again.

The newly appointed PD is Lee Jeong-hyo (known for ‘Life on Mars’).

“Two women who had no prior connection meet in prison. Their unpredictable alliance forms the core of a murder case, weaving a blood-stained tale of their intertwined fates.”

-Wow, what a thrilling combination.

-Wow, this is much better. Suddenly, I want to see it right now.

-This combination is also really good????

-This seems much better.

-Am I the only one who’s more excited for a Song Hye-kyo & Han So-hee combination?

-Kim Ji-won is my favorite actorㅠㅠㅠ I don’t particularly obsess over actors, but I always watch her works. Now that she’s with Jeon Do-yeon, I like it even moreㅠㅠ.

-Who’s the writer?

-Wow, it’s so good that I’m genuinely getting goosebumps. Insane.

-Even better.

-Either combination is really good.

-Please continue like this ㅠㅠ.

-Both Song Hye-kyo and Han So-hee are good, but in terms of the drama atmosphere, Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Ji-won seem to fit better… Both have excellent acting skills!