Two of the biggest drug scandals seemingly wrap up with negative tests and denied allegations

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 Article: Both Lee Sun Gyun and GD deny any drug abuse.. “I didn’t know”, “I didn’t do it”… what happens now?

Source: Money Today via Naver

[+634, -47] In GD’s case, the police didn’t even have any proper evidence against him and had no excuse to even summon him for investigations. If even his drug test results come out negative, he’s innocent. What more investigations would be needed?

[+313, -38] If the tests say they’re negative, then they’re negative. What more needs to be said? 

[+133, -7] Maybe there’s a new drug these days that goes undetected in tests?

[+73, -3] Either way, it’s an issue in itself that a married man was at such an establishment in the first place

[+39, -3] If the results come out negative, then it’s negative… what more needs to be said to prove otherwise? After seeing GD’s interviews, I highly doubt he’s been on drugs all year long or anything ㅡㅡ and it was absurd that the reporters were lodging questions at him under the assumption that he had done drugs, so of course that’s going to piss him off and make him scoff… Then of course the media goes and calls him arrogant for responding that way…

[+33, -2] I mean, the best option was to always just deny it to the ground. Even if drug test results came back positive, you can still be like “I didn’t know what that was,” just follow the same pattern as his last m*rijuana scandal where he claimed he smoked something he didn’t know

[+32, -1] I think there’s a problem with the way these drug tests are issued in the first place. If you are submitted information that someone is abusing drugs, then you should be arresting them and testing them immediately. Why are “schedules” being adjusted and timed before the tests?

[+36, -6] For someone who claims to have not done drugs, he sure behaves more bizarre than someone on them!

[+27, -3] We won’t know the full extent of the truth, but I do want the best for all of them. If the police are really acting on only testimony from the parlor madame, the police need to be held accountable as to why they were so quick to take it to the media. There’s something amiss with the order of investigations here.

[+23, -4] If they’re testing negative, then they’re testing negative. It’s irresponsible of the police to throw it out in the media and turn them into fools like this. How are they not sorry?

[+22, -3] I heard that a negative test means it hasn’t been in their system for at least 10 months. A real druggie wouldn’t last 10 months like that. I genuinely want to believe that they’re all telling the truth.

[+21, -3] If they tested negative, then they tested negative ㅋㅋㅋ what “obstacles” are being put into investigations? ㅋㅋㅋ